Saving Energy

We all know the importance of recycling paper, cans and glass. But you might be surprised to learn how many other ways there are to reduce and recycle so that less and less goes into landfills.

Expert Tips

Whether it's remembering to flick off the light switch or making a major change like buying a choices mean a brighter future. Here are some tips to get you started.

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Recycle It

For the average home, recycling plastic, metal, glass and paper will reduce your carbon emissions by over 1500 lbs every year. Whenever possible, separate your trash and take high-value items like glass bottles, aluminum cans and plastic containers to dedicated recycle bins. Did you know that recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to power a laptop for three hours?

Reuse It!

Find a new use for something you already own! Whether it’s turning old T-shirts into rags, old Christmas cards into holiday garland, or using leftover wall paint for finishing that rocking chair, finding uses for items already in your home is better than throwing them away.

Simply Reduce

Reducing is easy! Start by consuming fewer products. For example, hold off on buying a new sweater if you’ve got a perfectly good one, forgo a new set of sheets when yours have no holes, or wait on a home improvement project that involves ripping out your entire kitchen. You’ll save money and consume less while reducing your environmental impact.

Make It Easy

Make It Easy

Consider setting up a recycling station in your home. Recycling aluminum takes 5% of the energy it takes to create new aluminum. And producing new glass releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere – more than 300 kg for each ton.

Bathing Less is More

A family of four each showering five minutes a day can use 700 gallons of water a week. Install water-conserving showerheads and faucet aerators to save water.

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