Saving Energy

We all know the importance of recycling paper, cans and glass. But you might be surprised to learn how many other ways there are to reduce and recycle so that less and less goes into landfills.

Expert Tips

Whether it's remembering to flick off the light switch or making a major change like buying a choices mean a brighter future. Here are some tips to get you started.

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Go Paperless

Do you really need to print this page? Or is viewing it online enough? Chances are much of your Internet activity doesn't need to be printed. So take a moment to evaluate the content before you hit print. Many trees will thank you.



Bring your own cup. Using a washable commuter mug for your morning coffee will eliminate hundreds of wasted paper or Styrofoam cups each year.

Buy Recycled Paper

Recycled toilet paper used to be rough and an unpleasant shade of grey. But now, we have more options to choose from and higher quality products in the market. Using recycled paper products around the home help reduce the number of trees needed for production.

Pay Bills Online

Pay Bills Online

You will save paper and money, not to mention the fuel it takes to get your payment across the country. Plus, if you use autopay, you'll save plenty of time and never have a late payment.

Turn it Off

Turn it Off

You've heard it before – turn off the water while you brush your teeth or shave that stubble. It's because that time in-front of the mirror adds up. The water you run while you polish your appearance can use up to 4 gallons a minute.

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