Saving Energy

We all know the importance of recycling paper, cans and glass. But you might be surprised to learn how many other ways there are to reduce and recycle so that less and less goes into landfills.

Tips From You

Here are tips suggested by Green Choices readers. While we don't verify each individual tip, we're glad to start the dialogue and hope you'll find some helpful ideas.

Have a tip to share?

We're all in this together. So please, pass it along here.

Embrace Digital Solutions

Sharon from Earthtones Photography

For my business, I've implemented digital "paper work" and use that instead of sending out brochures, fliers, etc. I also use the...


Chelsea from Philly

I have 3 dogs, and I'm always sure to pick up their waste with biodegradable plastic bags. Picking up their waste helps keep our...

Keep it Beautiful

Michelle From Illinois wrote

Please reduce, reuse and recycle. If we don't do something soon, our planet will be like a garbage barge. Just a place for cast-offs...

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