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Here are the latest posts from members of the SC Johnson Blogger Panel and from SC Johnson. Great eco-friendly tips and activities you can try with your family.

30GreenDays | Thrift to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Thrift shopping is something that I've been doing ever since I was a little girl. Growing up in a single parent household made thrift bought items necessary for survival. Nowadays it's like the best thing since sliced bread...

30GreenDays | 11 Ways to Reuse Common Items to Make them Useful

For this week’s SC Johnson 30 Green Days Challenge, we are talking about household items we can reuse. I thought I would stretch the whole family to use items around the house we don’t really need to create things that are either beautiful or serve a function...

Meatless Monday: Deviled Eggs and Pimiento Cheese Sandwich

Growing up, my grandmother used to whip up this classic southern dish − Deviled Eggs served with Pimiento Cheese Sandwiches – all the time. This popular southern recipe is quick and easy to make and a perfect snack during a hot, summer day...

30GreenDays | Ditching the Paper Towels

About a year ago, I started putting more of an effort into using less paper towels and using more reusable cleaning options. I was resistant to using cloths instead of paper towels in my cleaning for a long time because I just thought that it would create more work for me in the form of laundry...

DIY Spring Basket Planter

DIY Spring Basket Planter

Are you looking for an easy DIY project for spring? If so, I have the perfect craft for you – a do-it-yourself spring basket planter! I am not very crafty, nor do I have a green thumb, but this planter was easy to make and perfect for the spring season...

30GreenDays | Start a Container Garden Re-using Rubber Bins and Various Pots

Living in a rental has its ups and downs. The positive? Not having to foot the bill for repairs - at least I hope not. The negative? Being limited to the kind of modifications you can make to the property and land. I like to call myself a "rental rebel" because I have found...

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