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Here are the latest posts from members of the SC Johnson Blogger Panel and from SC Johnson. Great eco-friendly tips and activities you can try with your family.

Five Apps That Help You Live a Greener Life

In today's society, most people keep their cell phone attached to their hip. There are definitely pros and cons of staying connected 24/7, but one benefit is that it can help us live a greener life.  If you find yourself needing reminders or more detailed information about reducing your carbon footprint, these apps might be a big help to you!...

Benefits of Carpooling

Benefits of Carpooling

Whether you carpool to work or connect with other families to share driving duties to school or extra-curricular activities, you are saving both time and money by carpooling, but the benefits go beyond just savings...

Quick and Easy Fall Recipe: Caramel Apple Burritos

While the rest of the world welcomes fall by celebrating the return of pumpkin spice flavored everything, I rejoice because it is time for my favorite fall apple recipe. A few years ago, I was bored on a fall night and decided to make an apple dessert out of...

Money Tips for Teens

Money Tips for Teens

Financial education isn’t a staple in the high school curriculum, but it should be. Until then, financial education falls on the parents’ shoulders. Although there are dozens of important personal finance topics to cover, in my opinion these five items...

How to Complete a Toy Purge

How to Complete a Toy Purge

Clutter becomes a problem in the lives of most people and if you have children, it is easy to become overwhelmed with toy clutter. It is important to take back your space so you that you can function and feel better. An organized space is more attractive to the eye, calming to the soul, and sets a good example for your kids. With the holidays around the corner...

Ways to Stay Warm Without Raising the Thermostat

Winter weather is on the horizon and energy costs are reaching record highs. However, there are a number of ways that you can keep your house warm without even touching the thermostat...

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