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Green Choices

As a family company, SC Johnson is always thinking about the families who use its products today, and the future generations affected by its choices for tomorrow. One way the company does this is by working to engage consumers in dialogue about the environment.

With its Green Choices consumer website, Green Choices Marketplace, as well as an active Twitter account, SC Johnson is working to reach out to and talk with families about the choices they can make and their impact on the planet.

Website Content

The website covers four main topic areas: Conserving Energy, More with Less, Reduce & Recycle and Everyday Alternatives. It offers tips on small, easy choices families can make, as well as an area where people can post their own environmental tips and recommendations. In addition, the site offers perspectives from well-known environmental bloggers.

Green Choices Marketplace

From the Green Choices website, or directly at, consumers can reach the Green Choices Marketplace, which sells SC Johnson products that offer environmental benefits. These include:

  • Mix-Your-Own Mini Concentrated Refills: From the FANTASTIK®, PLEDGE®, SCRUBBING BUBBLES®, SHOUT® and WINDEX® brands, these Mini refills come in small, easy-to-pour bottles made of the same recyclable plastic as a milk jug. Consumers just fill a clean spray bottle with tap water and add the concentrate.
  • ZIPLOC® Brand Compostable Bags*: These bags are specially designed for use in commercial composting facilities used by curbside composting programs that accept food scraps and compostable bags. Check locally as these programs do not exist in many areas. Composting the bags can help reduce landfill waste and create valuable soil supplement.

30 Green Days

In 2014, to encourage families to make green-minded choices every day, SC Johnson partnered with four families on the 30 Green Days Challenge. More than 130 tips were shared from the sponsored families, ranging from energy and water conservation to reducing waste and recycling. SC Johnson also added a “Green Source” section it its website with tip sheets and a calendar to help families try their own 30 Green Days.


Using the @SCJGreenChoices handle, SC Johnson engages daily with consumers about topics ranging from recycling, to energy conservation, to saving water. By mid-2013, the @SCJGreenChoices dialogue had amassed a following of around 10,000.

Find out more about SC Johnson’s environmental efforts at

*Note: ZIPLOC Brand® Compostable Bags are not for backyard composting. For use only with curbside commercial composting that accepts food scraps and compostable bags. Check for availability in your community; these facilities do not exist in many areas. If you have curbside commercial composting, be sure to determine what types of food scraps are accepted. 


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