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Base of the Pyramid

About four billion people live at the base of the world’s economic pyramid, where everyday challenges can be as simple as finding clean water. Over the years, SC Johnson has entered into various initiatives to help these families, known as the “Base of the Pyramid,” gain access to SC Johnson products and to opportunities for a better quality of life.

Examples of SC Johnson’s Base of the Pyramid investments have included:

  • Supporting Cornell University and others in developing the Base of the Pyramid Protocol™.
  • Sponsoring field testing of Base of the Pyramid Protocol™ in Kenya in 2005.
  • Launching a Base of the Pyramid business called “Community Cleaning Services” with local NGOs in Kenya in 2006.
  • Working with partners to grow and develop Base of the Pyramid business models in Kenya until transitioning to a non-profit organization in 2012.
  • Working with pyrethrum farmers in Rwanda since 2007 to support farmer organization and more effective agricultural and financial management practices.

Current initiatives:

  • SC Johnson continues to collaborate with USAID and Texas A&M University’s Borlaug Institute to help farmers in Rwanda increase their incomes and standards of living by increasing crop outputs and improving the quality of the pyrethrum flowers they farm. Among other elements of the program, the farmers have received training in financial management and other skills that equip them to be more effective in their business dealings. At the same time, crop yields have been enhanced and growth has exceeded project objectives.
  • In 2012, SC Johnson and Cornell University’s Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise launched the WOW™ club pilot in Ghana to explore a new way to help families. The initiative is part of a three-year project funded by SC Johnson and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which aims to reduce the transmission of malaria by creating a new business model that brings repellents and insecticides to rural families. The resulting effort, piloted as the WOW™ club, is a membership-based program whose products and services aim to help low-income homemakers care for their homes and families.
  • During 2012-2013, SC Johnson led intensive training workshops focused on sustainability. Workshops, targeting stakeholders in Rwanda’s pyrethrum sector, introduced sustainability tools, discussed benefits of a sustainable approach to business and engaged participants in identifying and implementing a sustainability project.  

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