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Corporate Milestones

Since 1886, SC Johnson has grown from a small parquet flooring company in Racine, Wisconsin, to a thriving global enterprise with products in virtually every country around the world. Here are a few steps along the way.  

1886 Samuel Curtis Johnson buys flooring business and starts company

1888 Company introduces first Johnson’s paste wax product

1900 Paid vacations begin for company employees

1906 Herbert F. Johnson, Sr. becomes partner, making it a family company

1914 First subsidiary company is established, in Britain

1917 Company becomes one of the first to offer profit sharing

1922 Johnson Mutual Benefit Association is established for employees

1926 Forty-hour work week becomes policy

1927 Herbert F. Johnson, Sr. articulates company’s values in a speech to all employees: “The goodwill of people is the only enduring thing in any business...the rest is shadow.”

1928 H. F. Johnson, Jr. takes over the company after the passing of Herbert F. Johnson, Sr.

1932 Glo-Coat® launches and becomes a nationwide success, helping the company weather the Great Depression with no layoffs

1934 Pension plan begins for company employees

1935 H. F. Johnson, Jr. leads “Carnaúba Expedition” to Brazil in search of a sustainable supply of wax for company products

1939 Company’s Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Administration Building opens

1940s Jobs are held for those who serve in World War II

1950 Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Research Tower opens

1955 Sam Johnson becomes leader of company’s New Products group, kicking off an era of intense innovation

1956-58 Market winners Raid®, Glade®, OFF!® and Pledge® launch

1959 Company fund established to help support youth, family, community and environmental efforts

1968 World-class SC Johnson Entomology Research Center opens in Racine, Wis.

1975 Company eliminates CFCs from all aerosol products three years before the U.S. government mandate

1985 SC Johnson childcare center opens, one of the first corporate childcare centers in the United States

1987 Fisk Johnson, fifth generation company leader, joins company

1990s Company-led efforts expand U.S. aerosol recycling

1992 Drackett acquisition brings Windex®, Vanish® and Drano® brands

1994 WEC Gold Medal received for sustainable development

1998 DowBrands acquisition adds Ziploc®, Saran™, Scrubbing Bubbles® and fantastik® brands

1998 Johnson family retraces 1935 Carnaúba Expedition, reaffirming company’s commitment to sustainability and adventure

2001 Greenlist™ environmental classification system is developed to better evaluate raw materials based on their environmental impact

2002 Baygon® and Autan® pest control brands acquired

2002 Company phases out the use of chlorine-based external packaging materials worldwide

2003 Company breaks ground for cogeneration turbine to help power largest global manufacturing facility and reduce greenhouse gas emissions

2004 Company helps develop the “Base of the Pyramid Protocol” in which communities and companies build economic, social and environmental value

2005 Second cogeneration turbine starts up, making SC Johnson the first CPG plant in the U.S. Midwest to produce nearly all of its energy through clean-burning technologies

2005 Company inducted into Working Mother magazine’s Hall of Fame

2006 Greenlist™ process honored with two prestigious presidential awards

2008 Acquisitions bring new brands including Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® and Caldrea®

2008 Company begins sourcing wind power for Bay City, MI manufacturing facility

2009 Innovative and expansive ingredient disclosure program launches, surpassing industry standards

2009 Company launches partnership to help Rwanda pyrethrum farmers

2009 First SC Johnson owned and operated wind turbine opens at company's largest European manufacturing facility

2010 Fortaleza Hall opens at global headquarters, honoring late Chairman Emeritus Sam Johnson

2010 SC Johnson joins the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation fighting malaria

2011 Kiwi®, Ridsect® and other brands acquired from Sara Lee

2011 Fortaleza Hall earns LEED Gold Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council

2011 SC Johnson launches concentrated cleaner line to help drive dialogue about concentrated refills and the potential to reduce waste going to landfills

2012 The SC Johnson Gallery: At Home with Frank Lloyd Wright opens at company’s global headquarters

2012 SC Johnson launches Sustainable Behavior Change research program

2012 Two wind turbines launch at company’s largest global manufacturing facility, enabling it to produce an average of 100% of its electrical energy onsite

2013 Our Toluca, Mexico plant begins purchasing wind power to enable the facility to get 86 percent of its electricity from renewable sources

2013 SC Johnson is recognized with the Climate Leadership Award for Aggressive Goal Setting by the U.S. EPA

2014 Re-opening of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Research Tower in Racine, Wis., one of the tallest structures ever built on the cantilever principle

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