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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Celebrating Carnaúba: Fact Sheet

The Carnaúba aircraft – an enduring symbol of family, adventure and leadership for the Johnson family and the people of the Johnson companies – took its final flight on May 12, 2008 but did not end its extraordinary and inspirational adventure.

In Fall 2009, the Carnaúba will be on display in its final home – Fortaleza Hall, the 14,000 square foot centerpiece of a new building being constructed at SC Johnson's headquarters in Racine, Wis. The Carnaúba is currently on display at the EAA Chapter 838 museum in Racine, Wis.

The Carnaúba aircraft is a replica of the amphibious Sikorsky, S–38 plane that SC Johnson's late Chairman Emeritus Sam Johnson's father, H.F. Johnson, Jr., flew more than 15,000 miles to Brazil in 1935, searching for a sustainable source of wax – the carnauba palm tree. In 1998, SC Johnson Chairman and CEO Fisk Johnson and JohnsonDiversey Chairman Curt Johnson and their father, Sam, retraced the historic expedition in the replica aircraft, completing a remarkable family journey chronicled in the film Carnaúba, A Son's Memoir.

Following is a closer look at the magnificent Carnaúba aircraft:

Model: Replica Sikorsky S-38

Date of Manufacture: 1998 built by Born Again Restorations (original plane was manufactured in 1930)

Construction: The hull is of oak and ash frame work, covered in aluminum. The wings, tail and booms are metal covered in fabric. The interior of Carnaúba includes two wicker chairs and one three-seat divan.

Colors of Carnaúba: The official names of the paint colors used on the replica Carnaúba are Madrid Red, Yellow-Orange, Black and Nevada Silver

Engines: Two Pratt & Whitney "Wasp Jr." 450 horsepower; electrical starters (the original plane's engines were 420 horsepower with inertial-type starters)

Propellers: 8 feet 9 inches in diameter, constant speed, full-feathering (the original plane's propellers were 9 feet 10 inches in diameter, adjustable pitch)

Weight empty:  7,400 pounds (original plane was 6,850 pounds)

- Maximum Speed: 125 mph
- Stall Speed: 55 mph
- Normal Cruise: 98 mph (original plane had a normal cruise speed of 110 mph)

Fuel capacity: 340 gallons

Seating capacity: Two crew, five passengers (original plane held 2 crew and 10 passengers)

Landing Gear:  Electrically or manually operated brakes, Grumman Mallard wheels and tires. Tail wheel. (original plane's landing gear was manually operated, hydraulically retractable, optional brakes. Tail skid.)

Carnaúba Trip Data:
- Miles Logged: 43,540 nautical miles (50,071 statute miles) in 622 hours

- Longest Trip: 4,000 nautical miles (4,600 statute miles) flying from Racine, Wis., to Fortaleza, Brazil

- Shortest Trip: 3 nautical miles (3.5 statute miles) flying from Racine Batten Field to North Bay, Wisconsin

- Highest Flight Above Ground: 10,000 feet

- Shortest Flight Above Ground: 10 inches


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