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Thursday, November 19, 2009

SC Johnson Reaches Ingredient Transparency Ahead of Schedule With More to Come

More than 200 SC Johnson Products Now Online; Site Lists – and Explains – Ingredients Including Dyes Spanish-Language Website Version to Make Information Accessible to 35 Million More Consumers

RACINE, Wis., Nov. 19, 2009 – Just nine months after launching an industry-leading ingredient communication website, SC Johnson today announced it has already completed the task of populating the U.S. site with more than 200 products and their ingredients. The site,, now includes 129 SC Johnson air care products and 76 home cleaning products, as well as explanations of the 169 ingredients that comprise these products. The company also today announced a soon-to-launch Spanish-language version for the U.S.


“Today’s families want to know what’s in the products they use in their homes,” said Chairman and CEO Fisk Johnson. “For us, it’s about living up to the trust our consumers put in us.”


What’s Unique about

SC Johnson’s ingredient disclosure site includes the company’s lineup of air care and home cleaning products, each with a consumer-friendly list of ingredients, a more technical list of ingredients using the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) and an explanation of each ingredient’s purpose. Additionally, the site lists out each of the dyes used in the product, and by January 1, 2012 will also provide preservative and fragrance ingredients as well. This is a departure from an industry right-to-know initiative announced in late 2008, which does not require the listing of dyes, fragrances or preservatives. However, SC Johnson wanted to do more.


“Transparency doesn’t mean cherry-picking which things to share and which things to hide. It means opening the door and letting people see what you’re made of,” noted Johnson. “We have already included in our ingredient communications the dyes we use in products, and we’re committed to communicating the fragrance ingredients and preservatives as well.”


SC Johnson’s ingredient disclosure plan also differs from the industry initiative in terms of how information is communicated. To comply with the industry effort, companies will need to provide ingredient information through at least one form of communication: online, on product labels, via toll-free number or using some other non-electronic means. SC Johnson is making its information accessible in not one but three ways: the dedicated Web site (, the company’s toll-free number (1-800-558-5252), and on product labels that will be phased in for home cleaning and air care products by January 2012.


Early in 2010, the company will launch a Spanish-language version of its WhatsInside site, to make its information more accessible for its Spanish-speaking consumers in the U.S. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, as of 2007, there were 35 million U.S. residents who speak Spanish at home.*  


SC Johnson: History of Doing What’s Right

SC Johnson’s ingredient communication leadership extends the company’s long history of doing what’s right for people and the planet.  In this decade alone, the company developed its Greenlist™ process to classify raw materials according to their impact on the environment. Using our Greenlist™ process, over the last five years SC Johnson cut nearly 48 million pounds of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from its products.


SC Johnson also is known for slashing coal-fired energy dependence at its manufacturing facilities. Since 2003, the company has used cogeneration with methane from a local public landfill to produce green energy for its largest global manufacturing plant. Last spring, SC Johnson also struck a five-year deal to source nearly half of the power for its second-largest North American plant from wind power. In Medan, Indonesia, the company has cut its use of diesel fuel by 80 percent by burning waste palm shells as a fuel source. And at SC Johnson’s largest European manufacturing facility, located in Mijdrecht, The Netherlands, the company built a wind turbine that is expected to eliminate about 3,900 tons of carbon dioxide annually and allows the facility to use 655,000 kilograms less coal.


About SC Johnson

SC Johnson is a family-owned and managed business dedicated to innovative, high-quality products, excellence in the workplace and a long-term commitment to the environment and the communities in which it operates. Based in the USA, the company is one of the world's leading manufacturers of household cleaning products and products for home storage, air care, and insect control. It markets such well-known brands as GLADE®, OFF!®, PLEDGE®, RAID®, SCRUBBING BUBBLES®, SHOUT®, WINDEX® and ZIPLOC® in the U.S. and beyond, with brands marketed outside the U.S. including AUTAN®, BAYGON®, BRISE®, ECHO®, KABIKILLER®, KLEAR®, and MR. MUSCLE®. The 123-year old company, with more than $8 billion in sales, employs approximately 12,000 people globally and sells products in more than 110 countries. For more information, please visit




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