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From Anne in Bow Mar, Colorado about Where to Find Scrubbing Bubbles fantastik OxyPower Multi-Surface Cleaner

Do you still make Fantastik OxyPower Multi-Purpose Cleaner? I used tobuy it at Home Depot and it has disappeared from the shelves. If you havediscontinued this product (my go-to cleaner for the kitchen including naturalstone counters, glass-top cook top, microwave, etc.), can you suggest asubstitute? - Anne from Bow Mar, Colorado 

Hi Anne from Bow Mar, Colorado – Thanks for stopping by the sitewith your questions. We’d like to help!

We’re happy to tell you we still make Scrubbing Bubbles®fantastik® OxyPower Multi-Surface cleaner. It’s available in many food, drugand mass merchandise stores throughout the country.

We’re sorry you’re having trouble finding it in your area. Sincestores make the final decision about what products to carry, you may want totalk with local store managers to let them know you’d like to see ScrubbingBubbles® fantastik® OxyPower Multi-Surface cleaner on their shelves again.

In the meantime, our Mail Order Service does carry this productand would be happy to deliver it to your home. They can be reached at800-848-2588. They’ll be happy to help!

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