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From LibbyD in Virginia, but from the Deep South about Jubilee

Why shouldn't I use Jubilee on my granite countertops...


From Lori about What to Do for Bathroom Plumbing Problems

master bath - toilet won't flush. when use sink toilet gurgles./bubbles. plunger doesn't work in toilet...


From Tammy in Illinois about Where to Find Klean ‘n Shine

Has Kleen n Shine been discontinued? I cannot find it anymore...


From Joyce in Minnesota about Where to Find Brite for No-Wax Floors

Where can I find Brite for no-wax floors...

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From Bill in Ma. About Using SC Johnson Paste Wax on Exterior, Painted Surfaces

can I use SC Johnson Paste wax on an outside table top?...


From Corine in Sacramento about Jubilee

where can i buy jubilee wax...


From Tanya in Texas about Where to Find fantastik Clean & Shine

Does your company still manufacture Clean and Shine cleaner?...


From T Cooper about Using SC Johnson Paste Wax on Tile Floors

can i use sc johnson wax on tile flooring...


From John C. in Spring Hill, Florida about What Product Replaces Pledge with Future Shine

I am a hobbiest of model cars. Many of hobbiests use your future floor polish for the final finish on their model...


From Stacy in Iowa about an Alternate Product for Brite

Can you tell me what product would be similar to Brite floor wax...

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From Carla in Toronto About Using Drano to Unclog Plastic Pipes

Can I use drano to unclog my plastics pipes...

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From Joanie from Montville, NJ about Windex Ingredients

does Windex have perfume grade alcohol in it...


From Samantha in Ottawa about Where to Find Heavy Duty refills for Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush Toilet Cleaning System

Hi there, I live in Ottawa Canada! Can you tell if the heavy duty scrubbing as available for purchasing...


From Susie in Colorado Springs about Where to Find fantastik

What happened to the Fantastick cleaner...

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From In Search Of about Scrubbing Bubbles Soap Scum Remover – Orange Action

Why can't I find the 99% Natural Orange Action scrubbing bubbles any more in Northwest Indiana...


From dh89uh16 about What to Use on Cork Flooring

Can you use Pledge on cork flooring?...


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