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From Chris in Wales about What Household Products are Safe to Use with a Septic Tank

What house hold products are safe to use with a septic tank...


From Mark F Asking if a Scrubbing Bubbles Product is Still Available

Has the scrubbing bubbles shower cleaner been discontinued...


From Olive in NC about a Granite Cleaner for Fingerprints and Cooking Spills

Need a spray granite cleaner for fingerprints, cooking spills...


From Deb in Oregon about Using Drano Clog Removers in Her Camping Trailer Toilet

My toilet is plugged it is in a camp trailer can I use Drano Dual Force Foamer...


From Keke about Where to Find the Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner Starter Kit

Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner, Starter Kit is not available anywhere in stores...

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From Vicki in Lakebay, WA about Where to Find Ziploc Brand Perfect Portions Freezer Bags

Where can I find Ziplock Perfect portion Bags near 98349...


From Pattie in Falling Waters about What Cleaning Product to Use on Her Wood Floors

What is the best product to use on newer wood floors...


From Melissa in Alabama about Bringing Back the Pledge Pet Hair Fabric Sweeper

Will you ever bring back the Pledge Pet Hair Fabric Sweeper...


From Quincy about Metal Polish

Would like to purchase some Sc Johnson glo metal polish from your company...


From June in Kent England about Where to Find a Sweeper for Pledge Wood Floor Wipes

Sweeper for Johnson pledge wood floor wipes where to buy...


From Keith in Belfast about Where to Find a Mop for the Pledge Dry Cloths in Belfast, Ireland

I have and use pledge dry dusting cloth but I need a new mop,flat mop,but can't find them...


From Nick in Bristol about Pledge Scratch And Colour Restorer

How do I get pledge scratch and colour restorer out of I white t shirt I spilt it on by accident...


From Eva in Australia about Where to Purchase Pledge Grab It Dusting Cloths

Where can I buy PLEDGE grab it Dusting clothes in Victoria, Australia...


From Barb about What Happened to Pledge Dust and Allergen Dry Cloths

Why did you stop making Pledge® Dust & Allergen Dry Cloths (Unscented)...


From Elaine in New Mexico and Jane in Brewster about Where to Find the Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner Starter Kit

Why can't I find or buy the Automatic Scrubbing Bubbles Shower cleaner kit anywhere...


From Danny in Florida about Where to Find SC Johnson One Step No Buff Wax

How come I can't find 22 oz liquid floor wax anymore, yellow can blue top...


From Julie in Grand Rapids about the Original Fragrance of fantastik

Would you ever consider bringing back the original fantastik fragrance...

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People buy about 320 million cleaning products in trigger bottles each year. If just 20% of those were refilled, each year it could save 7 million pounds of plastic - the weight of 1,170 minivans.

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