Our Brands

Our Brands

Here’s a look at SC Johnson’s top brands - you probably have many of them in your cupboard!


From coils to our famous liquid electrics, ALLOUT® mosquito products continuously protect your family.



Autan® repels mosquitoes, ticks and other bugs gently, so you can focus on outdoor family fun.



Our Baygon® brand bug killers put the power in your hands to tackle insect invaders and take back your home.



Tough clogs don't stand a chance against the dependable power of Drano®, which cleans pipes quickly from top to bottom.



Love a tidy bathroom but hate the time it takes to clean it? Duck® cleaning products make a tough job easy.



Transform any room with Glade® home fragrances. From fruity to floral, spicy to sensual, we have a scent to stir your senses.


Grand PrixGrand Prix®

With waxes, cleaners, protectors and more, the Grand Prix® brand helps keep your car sparkling.


Kiwi shoe care logo


From cleaning, polishing and waterproofing to laces, insoles and polish applicators, Kiwi® helps care for all your shoes and shoe needs.


Mr MuscleMr. Muscle®

Bringing the science of tough cleaning to any household task, Mr. Muscle® products make the toughest cleaning jobs easier, all over your home.



For more than 50 years, OFF!® insect repellents have been helping protect families from mosquitoes and the diseases they may carry.



For more than 50 years, Pledge® has helped dust, clean, moisturize and protect your furniture quickly and easily.



Our Raid® brand bug killers help you kill invading bugs and take back your home.



From just-picked vegetables to last-night’s leftovers, you can count on Saran™ for freshness that’s easy.


SC Johnson Professional™                              

SC Johnson Professionals Logo

Products to keep your business polished, including floor
care,degreasers, all purpose cleaners and more.


Scrubbing BubblesScrubbing Bubbles®

From touch-ups to deep cleaning, Scrubbing Bubbles® works hard to clean every bathroom surface so you don’t have to.



Shout® helps you fight stains wherever and whenever they happen, so you can get the most out life and still look your best.



Inside the house or outside, on glass, countertops and more, Windex® sprays, wipes and tools give you a streak-free shine, every time.



With Ziploc® Brand products, food stays fresh, life stays organized, and you can spend more time on what’s really important.

Household challenge? We’ve got an answer.

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