Sharing Our Ingredients

What We’re Made Of
Being a family company makes us look at things differently. It inspires us to continually improve our products with better ingredients. And while other companies may not see the importance in doing things like sharing those ingredients, we make it a priority.

Ingredients in Family Terms
We understand that you use our products around the people, pets and things you love. That’s why we work hard to choose ingredients you can trust and to communicate about them openly. So in March 2009, we started sharing, and created a place for you to explore what’s inside SC Johnson U.S. and Canada products, Here you can get the information you need to feel good about what you’re bringing into your home.

Going Beyond Industry Standards – That’s the Family Standard
SC Johnson's ingredient communication plan builds on a household products industry right-to-know initiative that was announced in late 2008. It's a solid program, and we applaud it. In fact, we've worked to go even further.

Here are some of the actions we've taken.

  • 2009: Website
    Launched our website for the United States (English) and Canada (English and French), including ingredient and dye information.
  • 2010: Website
    Added Spanish to the U.S. website.
  • 2011: Enhanced Ingredient Definitions
    Phased in enhanced ingredient definitions that go beyond simply listing ingredients to explain the role they play in products.
  • 2011:  Expanded Disclosure
    Expanded disclosure with the addition of preservatives to ingredient lists.
  • 2012: Full Ingredient Lists Start Rolling Out on Labels
    Began rolling out product labels that list ingredients using a combination of the personal care industry’s International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) names (a naming system used by the personal care products industry and that is recognizable to many consumers) and the CSPA Consumer Product Ingredients Dictionary.
  • 2012: SC Johnson Fragrance Palette
    Introduced our SC Johnson fragrance palette – making accessible to consumers 24/7 a comprehensive list of all of the fragrance ingredients that may be used in our products. Many companies develop their fragrances from a list of more than 3,000 fragrance ingredients. Using not only IFRA standards but also our own criteria and reviews, we excluded about half of those from our fragrance palette.
  • 2013: Registered Products
    Added products containing active ingredients registered with the U.S. EPA to our U.S. website.
  • 2014: Expanded Disclosure for Fragrances
    Became the first major U.S. consumer packaged goods company to announce plans to expand its ingredient disclosure efforts by providing more product-specific fragrance ingredient information.
  • 2014: Transparency About Ingredient Principles
    Published details about our day-to-day restricted-use list for product formulators. You can view this information in our 2014 sustainability report.
  • 2015: Rollout of Product-Specific Fragrance Ingredients
    Began providing access to product-specific fragrance information on or by calling 800-558-5252. We’ve started with air care products in the U.S. and Canada, and will be expanding to other product categories, such as home cleaning. Learn more about the program here.

See What’s Inside SC Johnson
Online: Check out We've got various products and ingredient information already in place, with more to come as we continue to add new items. Also, we want to make it easy for you to find information when researching our individual brands, so we have a link to from relevant brand websites.

Toll-free Consumer Products Helpline: You can also get the information you need by calling SC Johnson's toll-free Consumer Products Helpline at 1-800-558-5252.

Packaging: We are working to add ingredient listing to all SC Johnson home cleaning and air freshener product packages.

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