Sharing Our Ingredients

Expanded Fragrance Disclosure

In 2015, SC Johnson became the first major consumer packaged goods company to offer product-specific fragrance disclosure to consumers, beginning with Glade® air care products in the U.S. and Canada. The fragrance information is available on our ingredient website, and we'll be adding it for other product categories, such as home cleaning, soon.

This expanded disclosure gives you additional information to make more informed choices and is a next step for SC Johnson is thrilled to take as we continue our decades-long journey to transform industry efforts when it comes to ingredient transparency.

About Our Expanded Disclosure

Our product-specific fragrance disclosure is based on agreements we negotiated with our fragrance suppliers, who consider fragrance recipes to be proprietary information. We convinced them to allow us to share the vast majority of a product's fragrance ingredients, with just a bit held back for confidentiality.

Here's how it works:

  • Our goal is to list all fragrance ingredients down to .09 percent of the product formula.
  • If that doesn't provide at least fragrance 10 ingredients, we will list the top 10 if there are at least 20 fragrance ingredients present.
  • We will always try to select the method of disclosure that gives you the longest list and the most information.
  • While they aren't disclosed, the remaining ingredients also must meet our strict standards and be approved as part of our fragrance palette in order to be used. You can learn more about the palette by clicking here to visit 

We appreciate the partnership our fragrance suppliers have shown, enabling us to disclose a great deal of information. There are still a few instances, however, where we do not yet have approval to share fragrance details. As a result, a few products do not currently list fragrance ingredients, and a few ingredients are listed simply as "proprietary fragrance ingredient." We are working through this with our suppliers and our goal is even more disclosure in the future.

Why It Matters

An April 2015 study commissioned by SC Johnson from GlobeScan[1] found that now, more than ever, consumers appreciate transparency and want to know what's in the products they use. In addition, nearly three-quarters of respondents surveyed indicated that they would choose a company that provides access to detailed lists of its air care products’ ingredients versus a company that does not.

We understand that you use our products around the people, pets and things you love. That’s why we work hard to choose ingredients you can trust and to communicate about them openly.

We hope you'll visit to check out our newly expanded fragrance disclosure and all the other information provided there.

[1] GlobeScan. Implications of SC Johnson Ingredients and Fragrance Disclosure. 2015. Print.

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