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Easy Open Bag Tabs

Carolyn from Ruth

We use Ziploc bags for all our home processing--vegetables and game. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the Easy Open Tabs!!!!!! Makes processing/using bags so much easier.

windex multi surface with vinegar

jane from mass.

i have black appliances and the multi surface with vinegar,has been the the best no streaks and beautiful shine.i love love!!!!!!

Travel with Shout Color Catcher

Marie from Phoenix

We were traveling across country and stopped at a laundromat in Gettysburg. It was late at night and the owner was there. She saw our different piles and suggested to combine them and use the Shout Color Catcher. She showed us a stack of clothes that...

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Gaining Independence

The Shraders from Tennessee

Our son has a very rare congenital disease call CLOVES. (clovessyndrome.org). One of the many symptoms, like our child, causes their hands to be huge, and not being able to have full use of their fingers. Since you introduced your new Ziploc bags with...

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Mr Muscle Mildew Remover is unmatched!

Michelle from South Africa

I have three words for this product: Wow, amazing, unbelievable! Over the years I have tried virtually every product in the market and even home remedies. I assumed that all mildew remover adverts were supposed to be false for sales purposes. Decided...

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Nora from Texas

Just wanted to commend you on a beautiful commerial! The Peace on Earth with the older gentleman and young girl and string of Christmas lights. Makes me want to buy a candle(s) for myself and give one to all my friends.


The White's in California

I purchased Spirit pomegranite sparkler 2 days ago. My home smells incredible! I had friends over last night who said the exact same thing! It is fresh, fruity and a tad floral. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!


cassandra southaven ms

I am very excited using glades products! They are light and has a fresh refreshing smell! I would not use any other products than glade!

Shout Color Catcher

Nanny from Waco, Texas

Thank you so very much. I was in a hurry when I sorted clothes to wash yesterday and I had a white blouse AND a new navy blue polo in the same load. I always throw a Color Catcher in each load and it did it's magic. The white blouse was just as white...

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Shout got it out!!

Michelle from Etobicoke

I want to thank you for your product. Last week, I pulled my daughter’s clothes out of the dryer at the public laundry mat and I noticed that 90% of her clothes were stained with a blue substance that was obviously not there when I put the clothes in...

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Great very satisfied

Devon from Indiana

I love the new summer collection of their scented candles, as I can't have a favorite as I have liked them all. They are just as good as a competitors and lasts just as long but Glade is affordable and thank you Glade for making that happen

Shout takes paint out of clothing

Jan from WA

My husband got latex wall paint on his medium good pants and we didn't notice it until much later. I nearly threw the pants away, but decided to try Shout first. IT WORKED. I sprayed, rubbed, sprayed, rubbed and every bit came out. Great stuff.

best product ever

evita from newburgh ny

Well here my story very simple I live in orange county newburgh ny and in my community the health department is trying to clean our neighborhood one house at a time by delivering house hold product to famliys and giving them some information on how...

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Wow, what a product!!

Sara From Illinois

My Aunt gave me a cat tree from her house she just bought,but didn't want anymore(130$ cat tree). My husband and I brought it in the house and my cat hissed and refused it. We did everything to mask the smell of other cats but nothing worked till your...

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My Glade Products


I love Glade products. That's why I have a collection. If it is not glade I will not purchase it. Thanks to Lori from the Glade team, she gave me this link to express myself. You guys at Glade keep doing a great job and I will keep your products in...

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