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As a family company, we care about making life cleaner, easier and better for families. That’s why we’re always delighted to see stories like these.

Cleans everything

Caroline from New Jersey

I splashed hot wax on a mirror & shout is the only thing that cleaned it.I used a razor & it smeared it. I used White vinegar & it woulldn't budge. I tried shout since it is my favorite product. I was expecting company & needed it clean...

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Thank you Pledge..


Hi, My name is Angie. I have 3 beautiful girls and I clean houses for a living. All of my clients are going to laminate flooring.. I have tried so many different cleaners and even bought a [steamer]. I had a coupon for $1 off of a pledge product and so...

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Future cax wax

Keith of Japan

A few years ago, I ran out of car wax and wanted to do my tires and wheels so I got out the future floor wax. I really did think about it at the time so I bought more car wax and a few months later was doing the car and looked at the tires after a good...

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Medical Uniform Success

RVT4077 in Florida

The medical office I work at recently decided to require red scrub uniforms for all employees. Since you introduced Shout Color Catchers, I have always used one in every load of laundry. I have always been impressed with how much color is collected...

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Product of the Year Award -Shout Color Catcher

Scott's from Washington ( The State)

Shout Color Catcher is not only a great product , but, it performs as advertised!!! No longer do I have to stand in front of the washer wondering if a questionable colored T- shirt will bleed. So many times I have washed colored T-shirt alone not wanting...

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Pledge makes cleaning almost fun!

Happy Cleaning Mom from Boise, Idaho

I hate dusting for several reasons. One of which is that I have several tables that are wood glass combos. I used to use seperate products for the wood and glass. Then I discovered the pledge muli-surface cleaner (in the blue can). It works wonderfully!...

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thank you!

MT in PA

As a mother of a son that plays baseball, I use Shout Advanced on his uniform after every game. It's taken out ground in dirt & grass stains, as well as the occasional blood stain. I'm always amazed at what a great job it does! Thanks for keeping...

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Since My Daughter Wont Wear Shoes...

Emily from Chicago

.. I use Shout! My daughter is a cheerleader, and part of her uniform is the knee high socks you see below. She LOVES them.... to the point of wearing them without shoes whenever possible. Which is... always! My subtle reminders of leaving her shoes by...

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Laminate wood floors now beautiful !

Judy from Champion, NE

I have had my new floors for a couple of years. I bought all the cutsie little light weight mops with the squirtum bottles attached and the disposable wipes. Nothing worked. I was almost sorry I had the floors when I tried Pledge Multi Surface Floor Cleaner....

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Easter Dress Disaster


I bought my Daughter a brand new dress for Easter. She picked the dress herself but I was a little unsure about the dress cause of how white it is. My Daughter is a magnet for stains and it never fails for her to ruin her best clothes. But she wanted...

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Saved from repainting


My husband has been using a dental product in his water-pik that leaves terrible gray shadows everywhere. I decided I would have to repaint to get a clean look to the wood work and bleach the counter frequently. Then I pulled out a fairly old bottle of...

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Shout Wipes Saves Prom Night

Mary from Tenn

I usually keep Shout Wipes in my purse all the time because I am usually the one who spills all over my clothes. Many times it saved me from an embarrassing situation where i spill something on my white blouses while at a party or ill see someone with...

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Saved My Daughters White Cheer Uniform

Veronica M

This past fall my daughter joined her first year of cheerleading and received her very first uniform ever, which also happens to be white. She had to take photos of her and her squad this day. It was a few hours before and she decided to have a bowl of...

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Wedding Disaster

Dave and Steph in Milwaukee

It was the biggest, most important day of my life. Of any girl's life really. My wedding was finally here! Waiting for the photographer to arrive, my new husband was drinking Pepsi and accidentally spilled it down the front of my wedding dress! It was...

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I could not believe how well it cleaned

Leslie from Brooklyn

I've used Shout Spray many times, but I was never in love with it. Then I tried Sout Advanced and I could not believe how well it cleaned stains I never thought would come out. I had a raggedy white sweater that I kept at my desk, and it often became...

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