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Pledge for countertops/stainless steel

Jennie from Shep City

Thank you for putting out pledge for counter tops and stainless steel (the silver can). First time my refrigerator and countertops shine!! Wonderful product.

works great

kristeen, midland,mi

I never buy outdoor window products, they never work or they are just to messy, not this product, it worked great it cut cleaning time in half . I actually even used it on my car and it came out streak free as well. If you are on the fence just try it,...

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Waitress spilled ketchup on my white dress shirt

Gail from Pennsylvania

While dining in a restaurant during a business meeting, a colleague ordered ketchup to go with his meal. When the waitress brought the ketchup on a small dish, she tripped and dropped it on my head. The ketchup ran down my hair and onto my clothing. My...

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Windex Works!

Alexis Franklin

I spilled candle wax all over my glass table. i got online and Google searched 'How to get wax off of a glass table' and Google directed me to ask.com and the best result was to use Windex. I tried two of the three things that they recommended. Ice to...

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15 yr old baggy

Cha Cha from Illinois

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the quality of your Ziploc Slide bags. I have a bag with the cartoon network characters from scooby doo. I use it at least three times a week. This bag is probably 15 years old. I got it when my children...

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Pure Heaven with my Glade Candles

Connie M. from Ontario CALIF

I am a true lover of your Apple Cinnamon and Angel Whispers Candles. The scent is heavenly & lasts completely while burning. I have used other big name candles that do not compare. Please do not ever stop making these wonderful scents.My only wish...

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Pledge Multi-Surface really is a multi-surface cleaner!

Jen in PA

I’ve tried a variety of multi-surface cleaners - looking for that one that really does it all, but haven’t had much luck - one might be good on electronics but not so great on glass and so forth. I was skeptical about trying another, but am so glad I...

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This is the greatest!

Jenifer from South Carolina

My daughter recently had a nosebleed and the blood got on her favorite dress and dried there. I just knew that her dress was ruined! I decided to try to put some Shout Triple Acting spray stain remover on it, and it took the dry blood out within a minute!...

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Shout Ultra Gel

Heidi from Colorado Springs

Not only does Shout Ultra Gel work as a great spot remover on clothes, I used it to get the stains off counter after dying my hair and clothes. It made the stains come completly off! Now I use it not only on clothes but as a powerful cleaning agent around...

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Pledge fabric sweeper 1 cat hair 0

Dolly from PA

My favorite chair is a brown swivel rocker; it's also my two cats. Today I tried everything to clean tons of cat hair from the chair: my vacuum, my vacuum's special "turbo brush". Neither worked and the hair remained. Then I tried my Pledge fabric sweeper....

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Pledge is magical on stainless steel!

Cheryl from Colorado

My new stainless steel refrigerators surface was horrible to keep looking nice. No one told me how hard it was to shine. I knew it was clean, it just didn't look like it. Then I tried my Pledge. The same old stuff I've been using forever on my furniture....

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Drano unclogged my Tub drain, no other product would do it.

Myrna Masuga

I purchased a home 10 yrs. ago and the tub drain kept on getting plugged. I plunged, used other products (liquid) and finally used drano to do the job. I now have my tub drain running smoothly and quickly. Thanks to drano

A day with out Glade your smile will fade!

A Mimi from Southern Ga.

I am raising three granddaughters. If i run out of glade Their smiles all Fade! It keeps our home smelling Fresh and1st grade! Thank You so much Glade! A Mimi...

The best air freshner ever!

Thothi, from Lakeside, Vaal,Gauteng, South Africa

My family used to complain about our toilet odour, but, not anymore because Glade Secrets - Morning Freshness, it keeps my house smelling morningly fresh at all times you can deny the fact that we have inside toilet, glade keeps the house nice and fresh...

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Vacuum bags

Kathy from New York State

I love the use of vacuum sealed bags but do not like the counter top machines. I started using the vacuum seal bags when they first appeared in the stores and they are a staple in my house. I introduced them to my daughter, granddaughter and my aunt....

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