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As a family company, we care about making life cleaner, easier and better for families. That’s why we’re always delighted to see stories like these.

Ziploc Makes Christmas Last!

The Rutkauskas' form Pittsburgh

Every holiday, we have a feast with our family. Unfortunately, since everyone brings their own food, we have a huge surplus at the end of the party. This would be acceptable if it was the preservative-lined food we normally eat, but this is home-cooked...

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Red Crayon Disaster

Travis from California

A couple of red crayons in my wife's jacket combined with a huge load of chothes including some of my favorite golf shirts came out of the dryer a disaster - melted crayon everwhere! After dousing the spots with Shout and a little old tooth brush treatement,...

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Pledge does it all!

Danny from Arizona

I just wanted to let you know how VERY impressed I am these days with Pledge. While we have used it for years for our wood furniture your newest commercial peaked our interest when you said it could be used on almost anything in the home. We have two...

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color catcher!!!

Terry from Florida

I received a sample color catcher and was a little sceptic. But I deceided to give it a try and O my goodness, it is fantastic. I had a new!! red!! t-shirt together with other laundry. The color catcher sheet turned completly red and that was all. The...

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Ziploc saved my weekend wardrobe!!!

A grateful believer for life, Lynn from Indiana

I just wanted to applaud the Ziploc® Brand Slider Storage Bags. I was getting ready for a weekend trip to see my sister. We are very close, not only sisters but best friends as well. We try as often as our busy lives will permit, to spend time with each...

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Easy Way to Clean a Shower and Tub

B. Johnston, Washington Court House, Ohio

I regularly use Shout to spray the crystal clear shower liners in my home before putting them into the washing machine to launder. It does a great job. With this being a new house, I didn't want to use anything harsh on my tub and surround. I figured...

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This thing really works!!!

Frank from South Carolina

We purchased the Windex extended reach outdoor window cleaning set and set to work on cleaning 31 windows. This chore used to take us 2 days for both inside and out. This time less than a day with most of effort on the insides. I don't think it took an...

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Windex and Stainless Steel Appliances

Pauline from Tennessee

Several months ago, we replaced our kitchen appliances with new stainless steel appliances. I was regreting choosing the stainless steel because of spots and finger prints being so hard to clean. One day I pick up a bottle of Windex with vinegar at the...

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Shout Color Catchers

Livie from south Carolina

I buy a lot of products, but if you really want something that works, I'd suggest Shout Color Catchers, throw them in the washer and if you have blue, red, black, most any colored clothes and accidentally mix them with whites, this product will definately...

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Shout saves the day and a full load of clothes!

Virginia from Phoenix

My eight year old left a package of 4 crayons in his shorts pocket. The shorts went through the wash cycle and the dryer. All the clothes (including some brand new items) had crayon all over them. I was sure the load was ruined. I sprayed Shout Advance...

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A Little Dirt Won't Hurt

Shirley from Seagoville

My son plays little league football. His practice uniform is white so you can imagine the ground in dirt I am faced with after every practice. With each washing I think - 'The Shout is not going to get it clean this time/there's no way!' I am astonished...

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Lotus Bamboo Fragrance

Lora from Delaware

Please please do not discontinue your lotus bamboo. I have a very hard time with fragrances and this is the first time that I have found something I really love in the mainstream arena. Normally I have to go with pure essential oils. This has been calming...

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Windex All in One Outdoor Window Cleaner is great.

Joe from Kissimmee

I've used many of your products over many years. All have worked fine and I've always been satisfied. Until using your outdoor window cleaner, I've never saved significant time cleaning. Wow, is this stuff great. I cleaned 22 outdoor windows in one-tenth...

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Grilled Cheese Drips are History!

Sharon Sceper, Northern California

While eating a melted cheese sandwich, some of the cheese oil (grease) dripped onto my 100% cotton t-shirt. Being on vacation, I took it to the local laundromat a day or two later, but after washing and drying, the spots were still painfully evident....

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I Want In

Tim and Heather from New Brunswick canada

:My Husband and I are currently doing renovations , we painted a room yellow and i just finished cleaning the windows with windex.My husband commented on how clean they were and we went down the stairs to do some more painting when i heard this sound,...

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