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Does Chocolate Milk Have to Ruin a Wedding?

Marge and Ron from Wisconsin

Although we experienced this a year ago in June, I thought I should let you know how exceptional Shout Wipes are. As guests were getting settled outside for our daughter's wedding, the bridal party was gathered together in a small room waiting for the...

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WOW! what a beautiful fragrance

Carol from Cape Cod, Mass.

New fragrance-Cashmere Woods - best ever. please continue to make it as i noticed on the glass it said - "limited Edition". this flavor is so wonderful i wish it was made into a perfume. i will buy this as long as you manufacture it. i canot describe...

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really works

jc from AL

I found this product to do a much better job of getting stains out than other products on the market, including its "parent" SHOUT. Nature's Source has even gotten out stains that were not new. Had some blood stains from a nose bleed that nothing had...

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Golf Shirt Rescued by Shout Advanced

Ann from Texas

I just want to let you know how impressed I am with Shout Advanced spray. My son, a University of Texas student, has a very nice white polyester golf shirt with burnt orange trim and the UT logo -- in other words, his favorite golf shirt. After washing...

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The best stain remover!

The Edwards from AZ

I just want to say that I have tried lots of other stain removers but I always go back to Shout because it works the best. I have 3 kids that are tough on clothes but I never worry because I know Shout will get the stains out! Thanks so much!

An almost Wedding Day catastrophe

Susan from Maryland

As my daughter was getting dressed for her wedding, i noticed a 6 inch long black streak on the train of her wedding gown! Shear panic set in. We were at a hotel 90 minutes away from home and about 1 hour before the limo took her to the church. We have...

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Multi surface saved me.

Gail from Bartow, Florida

I bought it at our local Publix on a BOGO and I had a coupon also. I am all about saving money. This product amazed me. I was using Windex on my mirrors and glass doors. [Another product] on the wood. A granite counter top wipe on my counters. [Another]...

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Fabric Cleaner for Pets

the Shobe's from Texas!

Fabric Cleaner for Pets.....Two words....."Simply Amazing"! This product works!

Shout Never Lets Me Down

Kathy from Massachusetts

I have tried so many stain removers without much luck,it's hit or miss. Then I tried Shout and I was sold. I have yet to have a stain it can't handle. Even when a garment has already been washed and dried, before I notice there was a stain on it, I use...

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Ziploc Saved My Laundry from Disaster

AwC in AZ

Tonight, I washed white towels in hot water with Tide and 2 cups of Clorox. I didn't realize my favorite (2) red and black tank tops were underneath the towels in a Ziploc Large Freezer Bag and they got thrown into the washer with the towels. I brought...

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Saved a shirt!

Sandy in Massachusetts

My husband was craving a chicken and splashed the whole front of his shirt with the juice and grease. I sprayed it with Advanced Shout and washed it. The Shout took out all of the grease and one would never know how bad it looked! I recommend it to all...

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Keeping things dust free

James from Hawaii

I recently purchased a new Harley Davidson motorcycle and cleaning/waxing my bike the old fashion way when one day my brother told me about how he used pledge on his motorcycle and I said "what?". Anyway, long story short, it really works great, keeps...

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Wheelchair cushion saved many times over

MaryAnn from Roseburg

These bags are the perfect size to put my wheelchair cushion in to keep it clean and dry when I get out of the swimming pool after my exercise class. I however have not been able to find them here in Roseburg, Oregon. The XXL Ziploc bags have saved me...

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Love Windex Outdoor All-in-One

Suzanne from Illinois

I was so impressed with your product that as soon as I finished using it I decided to email your company. I dread washing windows at my house. Maybe that's because I have 7 sets of sliding doors and several decorative windows that usually require a ladder....

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A "real" mirror and window cleaner

Linda from Tucson

I usually buy products made by companies that have stood the test of time and have proven to me that they are reputable. But, every once in while I'll lose my head and try to economize or my husband will help out by picking some "off brand" up on his...

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