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Fantastik Oxy Power is GRAND

Mommy and busy

With a toddler, two cats, and a dog, messes on the carpet are a weekly occurance! Fantastik Oxy Power is wonderful to use on the carpet. I have NEVER found anything else that works so well and removing the yuck of a hairball, spilled joice, and other...

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The best Stain Remover I have ever tried

Veronica from Gaylord, MI

My husband works in the oil field. His clothes come back to me with oil, and grease stained. There has not been any other stain remover that has been able to get out this kind of stain. We have been married for 24 years and I have never found a stain...

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Glade Wisp candles

Sandy from Carlisle, PA

We are a family that loves pets in the house. So with two dogs and a cat it can get so good pet odors at times. I bought two of the glade wisp candles one for upstairs and one for downstairs. When people come to our house they dont even know we have pets...

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Grand Grand Claudia from Kansas City

l LOVE THE ZIPLOC VACUUM SEAL BAGS AMD PUMP.I can not tell you how many times I have purchased large packages of meat on sale repackaged it and had part get freezer burnt. I purchased the Vacuum seal pump with several qt bags and tried it in late summer....

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Muscle Toilet Stains away

Nosyk from naija

Not until I was introduced to Almighty Mr Muscle the stains in my WC has taken a fortune from my Pocket. Thanks to Mr Muscle who is now a member of my family. Sc Johnson you are great indeed.

Fantastik Oxy Power

Martina from NC

If you have ever had a pet make a 'mistake' on a carpet,or a child or spouse spill something, then Fantastik Oxy Power is for you. Fur balls, spilled red wine, dark soda drinks come up after a quick spray, let set for a minute or so, then blot with a...

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Aromas of Happiness

Johnson-Proctor Glade Lovers

We recently moved into a new home that's much bigger than we are used to. So we went out and bought many Glade Plug-Ins and the Glade Sensored Sprayers. Everyone that enters our home comments on the beautiful smells from our Glade products. So much that...

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Why I need the Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair

Valerie from Mason City, IA

The photo says it all!


Editor's Note: Valerie, what an adorable photo!! We loved it so much, we put it on our home page as well. Thanks so much for sharing it!

produce bags

michael from philly

produce bags are greatest money saver. thanks for bringing back.

Protection Plus+ Makes everything Sparkle & Shine

Sparkle & Shine Home Detailing Specialists

My partner and I have a cleaning service, and we are very impressed with Pledge Protection Plus. This product makes our job so much easier. Alot of the homes we clean have stainless steel appliances, and up until now I tried every product claiming to...

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the only 1 for me..

Jackie from Blackwood,NJ

After trying them all...Shout is the best stain remover ever..hands down..just like your companys other products!!

Dinner is in the BAG

Rita from MI

I love your freezer storage bags. I cook all my dinners for the week on Sunday night and freeze them for the next week or more. I always freese in the pan and then transfer to the freezer storage bags. Never any freezer burn. When my husband is hungry,...

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Clothes saver

Beverly from Arlington, TX

Shout is by far the best stain remover I have ever used on my clothes. Even stains missed the first time, dried in the dryer, come out. Shout has saved my clothes budget over and over. Thanks for making such a great product.

I love to Shout in my washer!

Nina from Fredericksburg, VA.

I like to wash all of my clothes together, I'm quite lazy. Plus there aren't enough white to make a load. I tried the Shout Color Catcher sheets. It really does trap dyes so that my colors are bright and my whites are white. A coupon in every box would...

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Amazing Fabric Sweeper

Susan from Florida

I am an animal lover, I have five cats whom I've adopted through out local SPCA in Florida, Until I tried your product I would use the vacuum to get the pet fur off the furnature, I tried your Pledge Fabric Sweeper and I just Love it. It takes a few quick...

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