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As a family company, we care about making life cleaner, easier and better for families. That’s why we’re always delighted to see stories like these.

Glade Glistening Snow spray

Karen from Tennessee

I bought a can of the Glistening Snow the Christmas season of 2003 to use at my parents' house. I had lost my Mother 3 months before and needed to bring the Christmas spirit back to the house for my Father. I just used it at my house and it brought back...

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Jennifer from Rockwood, Michigan

I recently bought [another] bathroom cleaner with bleach to clean my bathroom. I don't know why I chose that product, but I regreted it very much.The smell of bleach filled my apartment and it was hard for me to breathe (because I have asthma). I replaced...

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Works Great on Dry Cleaning

Monique frome SC

My husband has a pair of pants that was dry cleaning only. There were stains that were on the pants for quite some time. I purchased Nature's Source and used it there was no residue left from where I cleaned the pants and they look good as new. He has...

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Kitchen Fire

Danielle from Georgia

Recently I was heating some oil to make fried chicken for dinner. The oil hit its flash point, and burst into flames. After several exciting minutes (involving me screaming for my husband and us trying to figure out how the fire extinguisher worked) the...

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Laundry care


Nature's Source stain remover removed stains that have been on clothes for awhile. Love It.

College Rugby Player Sweater Saved by SHOUT

Camille from Connecticut

My son returned for Thanksgiving with his usual barrel of laundry including his favorite sweater covered with blood. I was about to give up, but sprayed with SHOUT, and the next morning ran in the wash. SPOTLESS!

My windows sparkle!

Sandra from Livonia, Michigan

My mother has always used good old-fashioned Windex and so did I until I tried Nature's Source natural glass cleaner... WOW, am I impressed! I go out of my way to buy American, and whenever possible I try the more natural option of a product. Not all...

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Nature's Source Works Like Magic!

Grandmother in Georgia

Our grandson who lives with us recently began a job as a server's assistant in a restaurant where he has to wear a white, button-down collar, long--sleeve dress shirt every day. The stains he gets are everything from wine to blueberries, to meat juices,...

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Holiday Candles

Judy in Raleigh, NC

I just want to thank you for your holiday candles. They really get you in the spirit. I buy them all the time at the grocery store. Thank you.

Hooked On Glade Fragrance Candles!!!

Debi from Texas

I had NEVER bought Glade candles. Loved the commercial where the lady tries to hide the "Glade" lable. I cashier at Target and see lots of people buying these. Received a coupon and decided to try them. I AM HOOKED!!! I have also hooked my family members...

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Fragrance Collection by Glade - Lotus Bamboo

Vickie from Cincinnati

I love this candle! I usually buy candles from catalogs or specialty shops at the mall and not the grocery store. I had a coupon and thought I'd give the new soy collection a try. Boy, was I surprised. I am in love with the Lotus Bamboo candle from the...

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Outdoor Windex CLEARLY a Clean Sweep

Happy Country Girl from Kensington

My friend told me to give this product a try and I have told everyone I know about this fantastic product. Living near the woods and farm fields, cleaning the outside of my windows is a routine household chore. It is now also a snap. Thank you so much...

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Blood, gravy and chocolate ice cream.......

Patricia from Bucksport, Maine

are nevah a match for my Shout®! I wouldn't be without it....so I Shout it!!

Pittsfield Mass dedicated customer to SC Johnson products


Dedicated customer laurie loves to shop for Johnson products.

Ziploc bags are strong

The Decker's from Alabama

My husband and I recently went on a trip. My husband packed some moist wipes in a Ziploc® bag to have on hand "just in case". When we returned home, I discovered the bag in his shorts pocket. The bag had gone through the hot water cycle and then tumbled...

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