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As a family company, we care about making life cleaner, easier and better for families. That’s why we’re always delighted to see stories like these.

Clean Home, Clean Environment

Emily from NC

I love your new Nature's Source® products! They clean superbly without being harsh. I also love the clean, fresh scent. I hate housework, so I only use what works. These are my new favorite cleaning products! I'm telling my daughter and all my friends...

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Mr. Muscle Moves the Mud

Susan from North Carolina

I live out in the country where there is red clay dirt everywhere. When the kids come in from playing theres red mud on my kitchen floor . I found Mr. Muscle to be the best for removing this mess. Now there shoes come off at the door and I just have to...

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Shout is the Best!

Red and White smiles from Texas

I have a dance team of 45 girls and our uniforms are entirely a crisp white heavy satin. You can imagine what red lipstain and grass can do to an all white uniform and Shout® products work magic each week for 28 weeks of performances.

Each girl hides...

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Best Stain Remover

Bzzagent Amanda from West Virginia

Nature's Source® Stain Remover is by far the best yet. Shout® is a great product and I admire them for making an eco-friendly version of it. If you ask me they not only made it eco-friendly they improved it. Thank You SC Johnson!!

As easy as 123

Susan from welcome, north carolina

I have big tall windows and when its sindow cleaning time, out comes the ladder. We found your products to be the best for this job. It takes us all day to do all of our windows but they are streak free when we get finished. Thanks for having a wonderful...

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Bypassed all the rest and believe me I tried them all

Lettuce from the Emerald Isle, Ireland

Your product Shout® Stain Removing Spray is just not advertised enough. Its use was passed on to me by my mother who I have to say is the best laundry woman ever. She can fold fitted bed sheets smoother and better than they come packaged in the shops....

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Nail Polish and the Wonder of Windex

Janet from San Diego

Last week, my 2 yr old son and his 2 yr old twin girlfriends found a bottle of deep red nail polish. They not only painted each other with it, but they dripped it all over my cream carpet, throughout the bedrooms, upstairs hallway and then down the stairs....

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Pledge® loves wood

Cynthia in Omaha

Pledge® is an amazing product -- it's the first time I've ever used it patiently, rather than a quick wipe, and the effects on the wood is amazing. As I worked, going with the grain, I saw depth and gleam emerge that I'd forgotten about. I kept thinking,...

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Work, home, play - Ziploc® does it all

Hillary from Pennsylvania

I use Ziploc® bags for EVERYTHING. As a mom, veterinarian, and avid crafter, I always find myself juggling things that honestly just SHOULD NOT be touching other things. You know - a vial of deworming liquid that might leak? into a Ziploc®. A skein of...

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I absolutely love Windex®

Shannan from New York

I've tried every window cleaner and Windex® is the only one I can get my windows and mirrors completely spot and streak free. Thank you so much!

We Can Live With Our Pets and Not Wear Them

Geri (and Clancy, Riley, Blitzen, Rudy and Eloise) from Connecticut

I have three dogs and two cats. I love them, but the pet hair...ugh. I own five different vacuums to help me tackle the mess, but none of them does a great job on the furniture. On a whim I picked up a Pledge® Fabric Sweeper one day and decided to try...

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New Vacuum Freezer Bags a Breeze

Rakel from Utah

I have always bought meat at a cheaper bulk price, and just put it in regular freezer bags. I just tried the vacuum seal freezer bags and they were so easy and really do keep the meat fresh and air free. Thank you Ziploc® for coming up with a product...

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Diaper bag must have!

Twin Mama 2005

I always carried Ziploc gallon freezer bags in my twins diaper bag. They were a lifesaver for those "messy" baby moments. Plus they double as a holder for wipes, they always were moist and not dried out. Snack bags were perfect for crackers and cookies...

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Plug-ins Scented Oils are a Hit with My Guests

Anita from Wisconsin

I love having family and friends over for dinner. They always comment on how good my home smells. It makes me feel good and gives me an opportunity to share the products with all who enter my abode.

My scrapbook supplies secure in Ziploc

Shurhouse from Michigan

I enjoy looking for better ways to organize my scrapbook supplies for easy access. I discovered that I could staple the Snack size bags while open in to a plastic divided container that expanded with twelve sections, putting one on each side each section....

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