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I Couldn't Be Happier

Amber in Centex

My Great-Grandmother left me her piano. It had been left outside for quite some time and was horribly sun damaged. The wood was faded and it looked awful. I bought a bottle of Pledge Restore & Shine. It looks AMAZING.  I took a photo half way...

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Shout wins in cleaning up Cherry Pie from light color carpet

Dara from Colorado

I had owned both [another brand of] carpet cleaner & Shout but used Shout just for Laundry. I have tossed the [other brand] & am a customer for life for Shout! I came home to see a huge mess my 11 yr old spilled when trying to carry a a cherry...

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Great New Product

Maria D from California

I recently won a Glade Sweepstakes! I won a bottle of Island Escape! It is my favorite fragrance so far and I love how I can use a little bit and it lasts for such a long time! It smells amazing!

water stains on Hunter Douglass Silhouettes

Virginia Wildemann

Yesterday as I was vacuuming close to my Hunter Douglas silhouettes verticles I noticed that the rug seemed stained, I then looked at my verticles and noticed all the water stains on them. I have not idea how it got there. I only thing I can think of...

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stainless and pledge great combo

bonnie from PA

A year ago I bought all new stainless appliances, I use Pledge Orange cleaner to shine them up. Whats amazing is that I have not had to scour the top of the stove yet, orange pledge keeps the food from sticking. Thank you pledge for making my life easier....

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melody from mo

we love glade products the smell is all over our house and wouldent have any other way we love u vanilla

Shout Gel Rocks!!

Donna from Texas

I have been a fan of Shout Gel ever since I found out that it can get stains out of clothes even after they have been washed/dried!! PLEASE NEVER stop making this product!! :)

Funny Run-in with Millenial at Costco

Jane in Northern California

Last week I was in Costco looking for Pledge. After walking up and down the aisle a few times, I found an employee and asked him where the Pledge was. (This guy looked like a manager type, not a forklift type.) He took me to the Lysol spray. I said this...

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Fantastik is just that, Fantastic!

Laura from Boston

I've been a Fantastik fan for many years. I use it all throughout my home and on laundry stains. I don't even bother trying anything else anymore.




Appreciation of scents of candles

Pamela from Atlanta

It is extremely important to me for my home to always smell good. I spend a small fortune on candles alone. I used to buy [another brand] until their product became diluted. We discovered the "pumpkin spice" Glade candle last year and for some reason...

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Fall Hayride- BEST SCENT EVER!!!!!

Marcia from TN

Omg! I cant description what a wonderful scent this is. The weathers getting cold, the leaves are changing and then you have this wonderful scent. I t brings on the seasons. Everyone that comes to my house comments on it. I love the candles, but cant...

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Home is where the wax melts are

J from Arizona

I am absolutely in love with the long lasting, beautiful scents of glade wax melts! I will recommend them to all of my friends and family!

Windex Touch -Up Window and Bathroom Cleaner are great!!

Susan from Springfield, Illinois

I love the Windex Touch-Up bathroom and kitchen multi- surface cleaners. I keep them under the sink in the kitchen and the bathroom for quick touch cleaning anytime and they leave the rooms smelling fresh and clean. I just think it would be great to...

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It worked when nothing else would.

Drupy (Ron) from South Central Il.

Standing water an I had already took the drain under bath basin off,, about to give up,, 24hrs an it worked.. a deep down clog in the main it opened up,, hasn't been this good in months...

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