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It worked when nothing else would.

Drupy (Ron) from South Central Il.

Standing water an I had already took the drain under bath basin off,, about to give up,, 24hrs an it worked.. a deep down clog in the main it opened up,, hasn't been this good in months...

I'm IMPRESSED! And my husband is a very happy man! I will be doing windows outside from now on!

Nancy from Michigan

Today I purchased Windex Outdoor all-in-one for the first time. I was able to clean the windows outside in record time....no ladder, no bucket and no boat load of rags....just the wand and 1 windex action sheet. Of course I was skeptical as to how good...

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Before & After

Jen - Delaware

I just wanted to express my gratitude for the Shout spray...I absolutely LOVE this stuff. My son plays baseball 8 months out of the year & wears white pants....this is a Godsend. Thought I'd share a pic, they came this clean after only spraying...

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best floor cleaner

Sharon from Florida

Got your laminate floor cleaner. Not only did it do a great job, but got off a scuff that the $15.00 per bottle cleaner didn't. Stocking up on this product! In addition I love regular Pledge for cleaning my granite counter tops.

Band Uniforms!

Suzanne- band uniform mom

Hello, I am a band uniform mom for Derby High School Panther Marching Band. On a regular basis we have had HUGE success with Shout Wipes, I have pictures to prove it and would be happy to share. Last season, our band had to "fall" on the field during...

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Never Stop Making it!

Emily from Florida

Of all the products that come and go....Windex still works the same and does it all. It is the one product a home can't be without. Have to have the sparkle.

Multisurface with vinegar

Wanda from Massachusetts

I have just finished cleaning all the stainless appliances both large and small, the quartz countertop, ceramic tile backsplash and my white cabinets without using another product. This is an outstanding cleaner. I have never written to an manufacturer...

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9 shirts headed to the trash? not anymore

Nancy from Colorado

I'm not your average woman: I am in the garden almost all the time getting dirty, ride a motorcycle and work on construction part time; I had 9 shirts going into the trash this Tuesday because each shirt had oil stains, food stain, you name it stains...

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Color Catcher makes me an artist!

Susan from California

I first used the color catcher sheets to save my husbands shirts. He would wash every color he owned together and then wonder why they looked terrible. Color catcher sheets saved the day and he can now wash white and red together. It is amazing that a...

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Kim from Illinois

Nutcracker Crunch Glade Spray is amazing. As long as you make it, I'll be buying it. Just saying.

How ziplocks deliver cheer to hospital patients

Holly from Comfort Covers in Kentucky

A small group of women at our church makes fleece blankets for Hospital patients. These soft and beautiful blankets are given to special needs patients to comfort and cheer them. We deliver them once a month. It is very important that these blankets...

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great for grillers

chicago griller

I use ziplock often to marinade my meats and veggies before throwing them on the grill

This is a LifeSaver with my Boys!

Teresa from LO,MI

This product has saved my Husband and Son big time. Trying to help out with house work. They decided to do laundry. With neither of them checking for whites of light colors mixed with blue jeans, EVERYTHING went into the washer at one time. My ten year...

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man of the house

Elaine form PA

The man of the house has a tendency to use my brand new sparkling white kitchen towels to wipe his hands when he is working around the kitchen no mater what is on them like meat, tomatoes etc. I being a woman like to display them and have been very...

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