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vacuum bag

LaTonya for Georgia

I first used them because I wanted to freeze some cherries. I'd heard that cherries didn't freeze well. I used the vacuum bags and fell in love! The cherries were delicious. No freezer burn, no ice accumulation inside the bag. I use them for everything...

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The "Sense" relaxed my Rheumatoid Arthritis Flare Ups

Carol from Middle, TN.....

Hi..I'm Carol & live in Middle TN...I ONLY use SCJohnson products. Our "sense" of smell is not only a "memory enhancer" but it is a healing "aroma-theraputic". I have Rheumatoid Arthritis w/Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis & Osteoporosis too......

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Glade Air Fragrance Spray

Ms. Lavender & Vanilla from Arizona

When I first saw and tried your "Lavender & Vanilla" spray I was hooked! The fragrance is not to strong and leaves a pleasant, refreshing scent that last. When I go to the store and I see my favorite Lavender & Vanilla fragrance I make sure...

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Ziploc for troops

Mom Jill from Florida

I'm an Army mom and when my daughter was deployed to Iraq she craved homebaked treats. When I discovered Ziploc Vacuum bags, I decided to give them a try; SUCCESS! It took over 7 days for boxes to arrive yet everything arrived fresh and moist. Cakes,...

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Indispensable Ziploc Bags

Tim from Winnemucca, Nevada

I've used your Ziploc bags since they were first introduced for everything from food, to nuts & bolts, to electronics, and so on. They're just great, even for backpacking and keeping emergency supplies dry. Your a first rate company that's really...

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Ziploc saved heirlooms

Bob and Ce from RI

We recently had a pipe break in our home and lost many items. Thankfully I had placed some sentimental items in ziploc bags. Those items were saved from water damage and mold. I was so happy that I was able to keep my childrens' christening items...

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Mr Muscle Toilet and Bathroom Cleaner

Sujata Kothari from India

For years I have searched for a product that can get to clean the yellow stains in my loo pot. the Pot bottom would always be stained due to the hard water and somehow I was desperate to get it sparkling white like the rest of my toilet area. I was convinced...

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Most importanat item to buy when sending kids to college !

Jamie from southern New Jersey

When my son went off to college a few years ago, we loaded up several suitcases with his things and off we went. When we unloaded in his dorm room, we discovered that there was not enough room to store the empty suitcases. So the next time we went we...

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Mr muscle


HI to all I was very tierd by using bathroom cleaners each time i try but the hardwater and soap stains remain same ,I spent lot of money to clean the tiles but all are in vain Aat last i went to get bathroom cleaner i WANTED TO TRY MR MUSCLE I sprayed...

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i had a hard time keeping the surfaces clean in my home and pledge helped

Perfect Portions

Vicki from Michigan

Love, love, them. Saves me from wax paper, aluminum foil. Hands stay cleaner longer. Best idea in a long time.

Pinky's Palace


Hello, My name is Pinky and I live with my mommy in a beautiful apartment in Vero Beach, Florida. I was born in Texas and came to Vero Beach when I was just 3 months old, to surprise my mommy. You see, I am a double-dappled Dachshund and I just turned...

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Where has this been all my life?!

Barb from Huron, Ohio

I just recently purchased a box of the Ziploc Perfect Portions only because someone had serendipitously left a coupon for a box right next to them. I'm not a coupon user but I thought what the heck. Out of all the plastic wraps, foils, storage bags, etc....

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Bag still zipping after 9 months of everyday use!

Cynthia B. from Toledo, OH

We took a passenger train trip in October 2011. Being that we had limited space in our suitcase, I put my essential make-up products in a Ziploc Quart Size bag. When we got home, I put my Ziploc of make-up in my regular make-up case, making it easy...

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The cleanest clothes in town

Dana Hurtubise from Salmon Arm BC Canada

Since having my son I have said to family and friends that I should buy shares in the Shout company as I use so much of it to keep my son's clothes clean. I used to have to soak my son's clothes in the other stain removers I tried and still the stains...

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