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As a family company, we care about making life cleaner, easier and better for families. That’s why we’re always delighted to see stories like these.

New Glade.Mr Muscle multi purpose cleaner AMAZING!!!

Rika from KZN South Africa

Hi ALL Just wanted to thank the brand for an AMAZING product.......not only does it clean like a dream but it smells divine in all 3 fragrances available at my supermarket!! GREAT value for money and beats other products prices by far!!!

ZIploc Saves Thansgiving

Paul from Syracuse

At Thanksgiving, I was looking for some Saran Wrap to cover the turkey in my refrigerator. Instead, I found the perfect solution, I was able to fit my 13-pound turkey into a 2-pound Ziploc bag. It was awesome! The turkey was kept safe and fresh and snug,...

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The Sauce Case

Tess from Mississippi

We were having a family gathering my nephew sat down at the dining room table and spilled the whole plate in the chair barbecue sauce was all over my cloth chair I ran and grabbed my bottle of SHOUT and sprayed the chair and Bam we all shouted for joy...

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What a GREAT product

Thank you SC Johnson...Becky C. Champion, OH

Our bathroom sink was always getting clogged, so we replaced the sink and most of the pluming. It worked for around half of a year, then the clogs came back...tried almost every product on the market, no luck. I saw the Drano Snake Plus commerical and...

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Tough Stains Wont Ruin This Party!

Angelina From Cali

My Daughter was on her way to her first boy/ girl party. She wanted a new outfit for the party so I bought her a new dress for the party. It was a pink dress that had white on top and her brand new white ribbed socks. She looked beautiful, I couldn't...

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Wanda Turnbaugh

I could not believe it. I had a blouse I loved about 6 years ago I moved and somehow my blouse was in contact with some cheap candles I had bought just as a decoration. It stained my blouse so bad big red stains all over it. I washed it nothing. I knew...

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The one and only

lorraine from PEI

After all these years of new cleaning products, there is still nothing to compare to Fantistik for spot cleaning.

Color Catchers save an Heirloom Quilt

Cheryl Zelus

Our Almond Country Quilt Guild members made a beautiful hand made, and hand quilted heirloom quality quilt for our "Opportunity Quilt", a year long raffle to benefit education in the guild. The hand quilter marked the lines for her quilting with a water...

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I've told friends for years that I should do a SHOUT commercial!

Diane from RI and now Idaho!

I started using SHOUT when my oldest son was a baby because it was the only thing that would get the spit-up stains off of his clothes and Mine. I had 3 more sons after him and he is about to turn 30 yrs old and I STILL swear by it. After 30 years of...

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Life-saving aspirin saved by Snack Bag

Carole from Seal Rock

After my first TIA I was told to have an aspirin on me at all times. I had a used snack bag in the car so put an aspirin there and into my pocket. It stayed in that pocket, through a wash cycles and the dryer, still intact. The bag is in great shape too. I...

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Can It Handle This Stain On My Daughters Dress?


Of course, One of the worst things that ccan happen on the day of your Daughters First communion is, she accidently spills or stains her beautiful white dress the cost you not so mcuh money but just the fact that nobaody like a noticeable stain on your...

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My Family participated in the "Making strides Against Breast Cancer" walk. We we given stickers to put on our shirts. Well, I forgot to remove the sticker and not only did I wash the shirt, but I also dried it. Needless to say I thought I ruined the...

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Saved my new IPhone

Joy from Georgia

While canoeing on a barrier Island off the coast of Georgia, I had an accident getting out of the canoe and landed in murky, salty and very deep water. It took a while for me to be rescued so I was sure my new cell phone in my pant pocket was ruined....

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Armpit Stains

Dally from Florida

I am very impressed with Shout. I began using Shout Spray on my scrub uniforms. They always have armpit stains and a bad smell. Since I have been using Shout Spray, the stains and smell are gone! I am extremely impressed with this product.

Use these wipes for ALL emergencies!

Cindy from Chicago

I am a wedding planner and have always carried around Shout wipes because they have been perfect for small stains. But, at this past wedding, we used it NUMEROUS times on the bride's dress - a few people stepped on her dress and the stains came right...

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