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Football Turf Stains on White Uniforms!

Becky from Texas

Boerne, Tx football uniforms...My brother, Daniel Threadgill, is the head coach. He hand-scrubs and washes the uniforms directly after each game. Artificial turf leaves black gooey spots and real turf leaves grass stains on very white, cold water fabric....

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Amazing proof Shout works!

Dori from Florida

Never knew how wonderful this product was until my son began playing football. My son's team practices 2-3 times each week. This past Thursday it actually rained a little in this area of Florida. The messiest practice (uniform wise) yet, I sprayed...

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How to Clean Floors!

Beverly from San Antonio

We moved into a new house in which we had upgraded floors to laminate in the bedrooms and ceramic tile everywhere else because we have several small dogs. What a headache! We tried a [a commercial scrubber], a number of cleaning products, and nothing...

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I love fantastik OXY Power

Fantastik Fan

It's so great to be able to travel around the house and just use one cleaner. I can clean the hard surfaces and any spots on my upholstery or carpets without switching to another cleaner. So convenient!

A True Miracle to SHOUT about

Lola from Califoria

My Husband had a favorite White Sweater. Unfortunately, one day he cut his arm, and when he took the Sweater off he put it away without lettimg me know. Months went by and one day he pulled it out to wear...OLD, DEAD Blood was on the sleeve, big time....

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took out grease and oily stains

Joyce from Texas

Used the new shout advance on my son's work shirt and it took out the stains that were there. I have used your products for years and I really like the shout advance. Just wished that u made a refill for the small bottle, I will use this product on all...

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Jena from Dalzell, SC

I had been a Pledge user for years, but am more mature {older} now and living on a budget, so I had a coupon for [a competitive product] and I bought it. I noticed right away that this product not only didn't pick up the dust, it just moved it around...

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Duck discs are the best!

Mum with "helpful" 3,5 year old child

Dear SC Johnson My 3 year old son loves to flush toilets and this is done regardless if it is needed or not. After having numerous incidents with plastic holders for wc-blocks disappearing down the toilet when he "helps out", the Duck discs are a real...

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Shout Removed a 25 Year Old Stain

Linda from Spokane WA

My daughter is now 25 1/2 years old and is expecting a baby girl in January. I pulled out the saved dresses she wore as a baby and found a tiny pink dress with what looked like a red (tomato?) stain on it that I had not seen when I packed it away. Knowing...

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Outdoor All in One is a Wonder

Val from the Valley

What a great product. Beats everything else on the market hands down. And thanks for the added touch of the threads inside the handle. Makes it easy for me to reach the second story windows by attaching to a longer pole. I even use it inside. In a...

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The Amazing Shout Advanced Foam

Annie from Hillsboro, Missori

Shout Advanced Foam for Greasy Stains is my lifesaver. I got red dyed perfumed oil... all over the train of my wedding dress (yet to be worn as im getting married 9-17-11). I tried everything to get it out, including even brake parts cleaner. [Another...

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Why My Daughter Loves Shout

Katherine from TX

I can remember last year, one day my daughter was in a panci to find her white tennis uniform. She tells me her school year book are taking pictures of her team and all girls need to be in uniform. I asked her when the last time she wore it. She quickly...

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Fantastik Clean and shine

Beth from Ft. Myers

I am the queen of clean and have tried about every cleaning product known to man!! I recently began using Fantastik Clean and Shine and absolutely love it!! It just does an amazing job of cleaning without being a smeary, smelly product. Everything is...

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Thank You!!! I thought my favorite was no more!

Mary Ruth from South Carolina

Thank you for not discontinuing my favorite plug-in scent--the berries. A friend put me onto them a few years ago and I've used nothing else since --until I could find them no more. Now I found a newly packaged version. I love the scent and also get...

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Cleaned my stainless steel woodburner stack

Don in Tonawanda New York

Three years ago I installed a woodburner in my home. Attached to the woodburner is an outdoor stainless steel stack. This woodburner is used every day to heat my home. I live in the northeast. The stainless steel stack had lost it's look and had creosote...

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