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Shout got it out!!

Michelle from Etobicoke
Shout got it out!!

I want to thank you for your product. Last week, I pulled my daughter’s clothes out of the dryer at the public laundry mat and I noticed that 90% of her clothes were stained with a blue substance that was obviously not there when I put the clothes in the dryer. I do not know if it was paint, chalk or crayon. I do however know that I was upset and prepared to throw the clothes away (or have my daughter only wear them at home). When I came home I tried washing them again by rubbing the spot by hand with [another brand of detergent]. But it did not work. I then proceeded to spray Shout on the spots and tried rubbing it again. I was so happy to see the stains disappear IMMEDIATELY. Thanks again for a great product!!!

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the testimonial! We’re thrilled you love Shout. We hope you don’t mind that we deleted the name of the competitive product from your post. While we do think ours is better, we don’t want to call out another company when they don’t have a chance to defend themselves. We just like to take the high road in this way.

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