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Multi surface saved me.

Gail from Bartow, Florida

I bought it at our local Publix on a BOGO and I had a coupon also. I am all about saving money. This product amazed me. I was using Windex on my mirrors and glass doors. [Another product] on the wood. A granite counter top wipe on my counters. [Another] on grease and anything that would make my glass top stove look better. When I got the Pledge Multi Surface, I was skeptical. But I first used it on the counter tops. Shocked to say the least. I then proceeded to use it on everything the label said it would clean. IT DID IT!!! I will never go back to using all the other things as I did before. This product is my hero. And it smells nice to boot. Only wish it would clean the toilets and showers. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful product. My only question is "why did it take you so long?"

Editor’s Note: Thanks for this note - we're so glad you like the product! We hope you don’t mind that we deleted the name of a couple competitive products from your post. We try not to call out competitors when they don't have a chance to defend themselves in this format. We just like to take the high road in this way. Thanks again for writing!

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