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Does Chocolate Milk Have to Ruin a Wedding?

Marge and Ron from Wisconsin
Does Chocolate Milk Have to Ruin a Wedding?

Although we experienced this a year ago in June, I thought I should let you know how exceptional Shout Wipes are. As guests were getting settled outside for our daughter's wedding, the bridal party was gathered together in a small room waiting for the ceremony to begin. Our two-year-old grandson, standing next to the bride, dropped his sippy-cup which was filled with chocolate milk. As it hit the ground, chocolate milk sprayed into the air and down the front of my daughter's wedding gown. During those first seconds of silent horror, the bride's sister Jenny remembered my "mother-of-the-bride emergency bag" and dug out the Shout Wipes I had included. Within minutes, every trace of chocolate milk disappeared. Thanks to Shout, this chocolate milk incident is only an "inside joke" for the bridal party and one which adds to the wonderful memories of this special family day.

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