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A "real" mirror and window cleaner

Linda from Tucson

I usually buy products made by companies that have stood the test of time and have proven to me that they are reputable. But, every once in while I'll lose my head and try to economize or my husband will help out by picking some "off brand" up on his way home from work. This happened somehow back-to-back on my window cleaner. I have a really hard time being "okay" with smudges and streaks on mirrors. When I clean them I expect them to look clean. That doesn't happen with "other" window cleaners. S-o-o-o, needless to say, before I ran out of the last bottle of window cleaner I couldn't stand it anymore. On my next trip to the store (and it wasn't even on the list) I got my good ole' reliable Windex. I couldn't wait to clean my mirrors. A-h-h....smudge-free mirrors!! Thanks for making a product that got desired results when I started keeping my own house forty years ago and still does today. There's a reason I ask my husband to "Please pick up some Windex on the way home" not "Please pick up some window cleaner on the way home".

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