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Shout Never Lets Me Down

Kathy from Massachusetts

I have tried so many stain removers without much luck,it's hit or miss. Then I tried Shout and I was sold. I have yet to have a stain it can't handle. Even when a garment has already been washed and dried, before I notice there was a stain on it, I use Shout and most times it's gone. I love it and recommend it to everyone. I saw a segment on TV which did a test for stain removers using [competitive products]* and Shout Wipes. The Shout wipes won, the stain was gone. I'm going to buy them and keep them in my car for on the go spills. You should advertise these as I didn't know about them until I saw the TV segment testing them. People will love them. Thank you.

Editor’s Note: Hi Kathy. Thanks for the note and the suggestion!! We hope you don’t mind that we deleted the name of the competitive products from your post. While we do think ours is better, we don’t want to call out another company when they don’t have a chance to defend themselves. We just like to take the high road in this way.


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