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Ziploc Saved My Laundry from Disaster

AwC in AZ

Tonight, I washed white towels in hot water with Tide and 2 cups of Clorox. I didn't realize my favorite (2) red and black tank tops were underneath the towels in a Ziploc Large Freezer Bag and they got thrown into the washer with the towels. I brought them home from work in the large baggie because it was the only bag I could find. After 54 minutes in the washer I opened the door and started taking out the towels to put in the dryer. All of a sudden I see my tank tops in the Ziploc at the bottom of the washer! They were still IN the ziploc plastic freezer bag completed sealed and dry in perfect shape! I'm astounded I had this good luck and that Ziploc saved my Rolling Stones and Polo tank tops.. not to mention the white towels! A Giant THANK YOU! It could have been a disaster.

Editor's Note: Thanks for the great story! We're happy things worked out okay. ZiplocĀ® bags aren't designed for this purpose, so we wouldn't recommend trying it again because you may not get the same lucky result. But we're so glad it worked out for you this time!

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