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Ziploc Makes Christmas Last!

The Rutkauskas' form Pittsburgh

Every holiday, we have a feast with our family. Unfortunately, since everyone brings their own food, we have a huge surplus at the end of the party. This would be acceptable if it was the preservative-lined food we normally eat, but this is home-cooked food. It normally gets shoved in the back of the fridge or freezer in a traditional bag or container, and goes bad shortly. Not many people want to be cleaning spoiled ham or rotten potatoes in the middle of January, and nobody wants to see Grandma's pies all destroyed and ugly, so over the years, more and more people take home less and less leftovers. Well, being the host of the family feast, that leaves me with lots of food. This year, I bought lots of Ziploc bags and containers and filled them with food, and they're actually lasting much longer than expected. By now, the refrigerator would be giving off a strange odor, but it actually smells nice! Same with the rest of the family. Now we can eat ham in January without fear of food poisoning. Ziploc saved the day again!

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