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Wheelchair cushion saved many times over

MaryAnn from Roseburg

These bags are the perfect size to put my wheelchair cushion in to keep it clean and dry when I get out of the swimming pool after my exercise class. I however have not been able to find them here in Roseburg, Oregon. The XXL Ziploc bags have saved me having to replace the cushion. 

Editor's Note:  Hi MaryAnn, thanks for the note about Ziploc® brand Big Bags! We’re glad they’re helpful for you, and sorry you’re having trouble finding them right now. They should be available in mass merchandise stores like Walmart or Target, so you may want to ask at your local store in case they've been moved to a different location on the shelf than you're used to. But, if you still aren’t finding them or simply want to get some quickly, you can also buy them from our Mail Order Hotline and have them delivered right to your doorstep. For pricing and shipping information, you can call 1-800-848-2588. Thanks again for writing!

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