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Monday, January 10, 2011

Practical Vintage Collections | Family Economics

By Cathe

It seems like everyone has a favorite thing to collect. I have several, but my favorite collections are those that not only serve my decorative senses but also have a practical purpose.

Here are a few fun collections that can actually be put to use:

1. Vintage kitchen canisters: Not only darling on the counter tops, but great used in other areas of your home as well. Look for canisters that are non-labeled to use in the bathroom for swabs, cotton balls, hair accessories, personal necessities or even to hide a spare roll of toilet paper. Vintage kitchen canisters are also great for holding supplies, such as pencils, staplers and index cards in your home office or homework area.  Beautify your laundry room with canisters that can hold powdered detergent and dryer sheets.

vintage tablecloths2. Vintage (or new!) neck scarves: Beautiful displays can be made by hanging scarves from loops made from curtain rings or a row of coat hooks. The practical side of scarves is clear, but displaying them for their beauty when not in use is a great decorating idea.

3. Cups and glasses: I collect silver baby cups, but tea cups and pretty crystal glasses or colorful printed tumblers can have many uses. Group them together as centerpieces for holding fresh flowers at parties and events or fill with candy or floating candles. Cups with handles, such as baby cups or tea cups, can be strung from light fixtures or tree branches for easy baby or bridal shower décor.

4. Vintage linens: Vintage colorful tablecloths serve a great purpose for any occasion to brighten up the room but look awesome folded and stacked high. Vintage floral pillowcases are great to have on hand for overnight guests and throw pillows in the family room but they also work great for laundry bags, quick overnight bags for the kids and look so pretty folded and stacked on a shelf in the bedroom or linen closet fresh from the dryer.

Do you collect items with a practical purpose?

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On Saturday, January 26, 2013, Betty, from Betty's Bead Soup wrote

I collect vintage tins in the kitchen, which I use for storing stuff like coffee filters, tea bags, and matches. To keep my husband from having to go through all of them each time he needs something, I posted an inventory list inside the cupboard door (blue and white tin - hot chocolate; Lipton tin - tea bags; Campbell soup tin - coffee filters...) which makes life easier for both of us. I also have some tins in my craft area, filled with ribbon bolts, glue sticks, buttons, etc.

On Tuesday, March 1, 2011, Denise from sydney wrote

I love baskets of all kinds. I have them on top of my kitchen cupborads. Many in my craft room just waiting for something to be used for. Also anything little or quaint with drawers just LOVE them.

On Saturday, January 15, 2011, Nancy wrote

I collect buttons. Love the vintage ones especially. My best friend and I used to go through our collections and share our duplicates and ooh and ahh over new finds. She passed away and left me an incredible collection of all her precious buttones - many in display cases. I miss her and our get togethers so much. We also loved vintage hankies. I also collect vintage ephemera. Love my stuff.

On Tuesday, January 11, 2011, Momma Mindy wrote

I love vintage tin picnic baskets and bread boxes. I use them all around the house. One on top of the fridge keeps baby supplies I only need when the grandkids are home and another keeps paper picnic goods. Another holds craft items for my youngest daughter in the living room. Yet another holds special reading manipulatives. They keep items hidden, yet accessible. They add a cheery touch to every room.

On Monday, January 10, 2011, Saucy Chick Sherry wrote

I do collect a myriad of things. Some since childhood like mice. I have an entire curio cabinet filled with mice. Marbles since I never want to lose my marbles. :o) Rocks, moss and nature items displayed on a tray. Dolls as I have always loved them. You can see a pattern here that I just collect whatever I love.


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