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Funny Family-isms

Every family has its own language. You know...the words your kids mispronounced so often they became part of everyday life. Or the blurted-out exclamation that became a family mantra. Tell us about one of your family’s special phrases. Who started it? Has it spread outside your family?

Everything I Could Ever Ask For

Simple Things in Oregon

For the last 16 years I have gotten hand made gifts, for Mothers Day, from my children. In 2007, I woke up to find the coffee brewing, the baby had been fed and diapered and a large construction paper card taped to the kitchen cabinet. The card had...

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Is that RAID?

The Armstrong's from California

My mom passed away about 18 years ago but when she was alive following a severe stroke her judgment wasn’t always the best. She was notorious for spraying excessive amounts of RAID in the kitchen during summer and winter when ants were particularly...

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Swallowing up

Anna from Chatham-Kent, Canada

When my children were small we had a farm so that we could give them better food than what I could afford to purchase in the store for them. I would have to go early in the morning out to look after the animals before I would wake up the children to...

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A Mix-Up That Makes Sense

Lisa from Texas

When my daughter was about four, she got two phrases mixed up and they have become a standard expression within our family. Exasperated about something, she combined "getting on my nerves" and "making me nervous" and said to us, "You're making on my...

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Bonding time through funny photos

Kauai Girl
Bonding time through funny photos

My son and I went for a two week vacation to visit my cousin and her family on Maui, Hawaii. She has four boys and I have one. This one particular night I was using my laptop to do some school work. Well my son and his 4 yr. old cousin wandered into...

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After reading your article on "Family Is Everything" I just have to share my name.

Sheila Fisk Johnson from FL

I was born with the name Sheila Fisk. My married name is now Sheila Johnson so I now have the name Sheila Fisk Johnson!

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