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Funny Family-isms

Every family has its own language. You know...the words your kids mispronounced so often they became part of everyday life. Or the blurted-out exclamation that became a family mantra. Tell us about one of your family’s special phrases. Who started it? Has it spread outside your family?

Play things by ear....

The La Vine's from Wisconsin

Growing up my family was not one to plan...anything - ever! We would leave for a 2-4 week family vacation to Florida sometimes on a one day notice - we knew we were going in March but never knew exactly when. Another thing that contributed to this...

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Mark From Michigan

When someone in our family says something where they really don't know the topic or the answer, we call it a "Julitteism" after our daughter Juliette who fearlessly give answers sometimes to things she doesn't know.

Thank you is TEE TOO

Laura from Kansas

My daughter when she was little decided to say TEE TOO instead of Thank you. We still say it that way today, she is forty two and has 2 children and 1 grandchild - so that makes me Great Grandma! TEE TOO for that.

"OK Mr. the-bread's-gotta-match"

Donna from Michigan

When my children were in elementary school almost 20 years ago, we had the opportunity to teach them about giving back to those less fortunate than we were. Through his office, my husband became involved with one of the Salvation Army's food...

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Butter Incident

Dave from Oak Brook

My family was at my brother's house for a visit (we brought bagels) and, my then 6 year-old daughter, who is a notoriously finicky eater, asked for some butter on her bagel. I got some butter from the refridgerator and spread it on her bagel. She...

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Marco Polo

Jill from Pennsylvania

Our family adopted the phrase "Marco Polo" from the swimming pool game played by children. While it's used in the game to figure out where someone is in the pool to go after them, we use it when we are out in public and lose track of where someone...

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