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A More Transparent World

Simply put, safety first. To that end, SC Johnson believes that science shines a clear light on the impacts of ingredients.
When you choose an SC Johnson product, you can trust that it’s developed using our highest safety standards.  We are passionate about researching the ingredients we choose to use and making the body of science we follow understandable and accessible to consumers. That way, when you check the product label or our product ingredient website, it’s clear why we say it's safe for you and your family or it’s an environmentally responsible choice.
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SC Johnson’s Greenlist Screening Process

We choose the ingredients we use carefully

Every ingredient in every SC Johnson product goes through our detailed Greenlist™ evaluation process to determine its potential impact on human health and the environment. The Greenlist™ evaluation is grounded in best-in-class scientific data and includes a 4-step ingredient assessment that flags any potential concerns.  If an ingredient is flagged, it undergoes further screening to determine if there is any amount that can be safely used in our products.

We ask: could this ingredient cause...


Longer-term human health effects?

The first step is to determine whether any credible data indicates the ingredient has the potential to cause longer-term health effects.  Our data sources include California Proposition 65 and the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer, to name a few.


Longer-term environmental effects?

This step evaluates whether an ingredient may stick around in the environment, build up in living things or is toxic to marine and freshwater life. Our data sources include the European Chemical Agency (ECHA), ECHA’s Substances of Very High Concern list and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s PBT Profiler, to name a few. Any indication of being a PBT will cause an ingredient to be flagged. 


Immediate short-term human health or environmental effects?

This step looks at the potential for an ingredient to produce short-term human effects like skin irritation, toxicity to aquatic life or the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air. Our data sources include Safety Data Sheets, the U.S. National Institutes of Health’s TOXNET and Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development guidelines, among many others.


An allergic reaction?

We use a science-based, externally validated process for identifying any potential skin allergens.  Our list goes beyond the standard European (EU) 26 list many others use and includes a transparent list of 368 potential skin allergens.

More about our ingredients and fragrances


Ingredients we use, do not use or limit the use of

These are the ingredients we avoid based on scientific research and our expertise.

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Fragrance ingredients we use, do not use or limit the use of

Our unique product fragrances are blended with the utmost attention to safety. That means what we leave out is as important as what we put in.

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Skin Allergens

Skin Allergens potentially present in our products

We designed a robust evaluation process with a scientific advisory group to determine what to include as a skin allergen in our disclosure.

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How SC Johnson defines ingredient terms and claims

We want you to be confident in the product choices you make, and that begins with understanding the terms we use and the claims we make.

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Quick facts about our efforts to create a more transparent world

The SC Johnson Fragrance Palette includes roughly 1400 of the 3600 IFRA (international fragrance association) approved fragrances as many don’t meet our internal standards