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Fact Sheet: SC Johnson Ingredient Transparency

Ingredient transparency has been a priority at SC Johnson for nearly a decade. We believe in proactively choosing to be transparent about ingredients to help families understand the whole story about our products.

We launched our first U.S. ingredient list website in 2009. Today, our site provides ingredient information to consumers everywhere around the world who use our products. Information is available in 35 languages.

Here are some of our key transparency milestones along the way.

  • 2009: Started sharing product ingredients, including specific dyes, with the launch of our website.

  • 2011: Added enhanced ingredient definitions to our ingredient disclosure site, to explain ingredients’ purpose in our products.

  • 2012: Shared the SC Johnson Fragrance Palette, our list of acceptable fragrance chemicals.

  • 2013: Added registered products, meaning those with active ingredients, to our ingredient transparency program.

  • 2014: Published our list of ingredient restrictions – what we call “restricted use” materials.

  • 2015: Started listing fragrance ingredients on a product-specific basis, sharing more than 99.9% in most products.

  • 2016: Launched our first product collection with 100% transparency about fragrance components.

  • 2016: Expanded our product transparency program to 30 countries across Europe, increasing our transparency to nearly 3,000 products and providing information in 20 languages.

  • 2017: Launched industry-leading skin allergen disclosure program

  • 2017: Expanded our ingredient transparency program to 20 countries across Asia Pacific, increasing our transparency to more than 5,300 products and providing information in 34 languages.

  • 2018: Further increased fragrance transparency by sharing ingredients down to .01% of the product formula across our portfolio of brands.

  • 2019: Expanded our ingredient transparency program to 17 countries across Latin America, increasing our transparency to more than 8,700 products and providing information in 35 languages.