SC Johnson’s corporate giving program gives 5 percent of pretax profits to charity

SC Johnson Grants and Product Donations Help Make Our Communities Better

Giving back to communities: Since 1937, SC Johnson has given five percent of all pretax profits to charities.
SC Johnson corporate philanthropy targets community development, social services, health, sustainability and other areas of need.

Wherever we operate, we want to help make that place better, because we are there. This aspiration began more than a century ago, with our founder, Samuel Curtis Johnson. It’s reinforced by our corporate values statement, and acted on by SC Johnson people around the globe.

Since 1937, SC Johnson has given five percent of all pretax profits to charities. The year 2017 marked 80 years of company giving, and nearly six decades of our charitable foundation, SC Johnson Giving, Inc.

Our primary corporate giving focus is on institutions or organizations that serve or directly affect communities where we have operations. Our areas of interest include:

  • Community & Economic Development - Programs that improve the quality of life in the areas of economic and community infrastructure, capacity building, economic development, safe neighborhoods, cultural experiences and job training.
  • Social Services - Programs that provide supportive services for low-income/at-risk individuals or families to help them on the road to self-sufficiency, such as services for families, disabled or elderly citizens, domestic disaster prevention, temporary shelter, and support for those who are disadvantaged or living in poverty.
  • Health & Well-Being - Programs that help educate about and combat mosquito-borne diseases, or encourage public health and wellness education and equitable access to health care.
  • Education - Programs that emphasize student academic achievement, with a focus on academic enrichment and advancement, such as early childhood education, K-12, post-secondary, technical and vocational schools.
  • Sustainability & Environmental Programs - Programs that encourage sustainability through stewardship of community ecosystems, pollution abatement, natural resource conservation, environmental beautification, renewable energy and wildlife preservation.
  • U.S. Product Contributions

Some SC Johnson contributions are the result of grant requests. Others are designed to meet needs identified by the company directly. 

If you are outside the United States, contact the SC Johnson operation in your community to find out about their local giving. 

To apply for a grant from SC Johnson in the United States, organizations must be a registered, qualified tax-exempt, section 501(c)(3) charity based in the United States, or a government entity such as a school, library or public agency.

We do not give grants to individuals, and we don’t support organizations that have a policy of discriminating on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), sex, gender expression or transition, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation or military status, whether the discrimination policies are written or are in practice. 

See our grant FAQs to learn more about our U.S. grant policies.

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