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10 Ways to Keep Bugs Out So You Can Feel Happy and be Pest Free

Research says the average home could have over 100 different kinds of bugs scurrying around every day. But don't worry, we have your back! 

For more than 60 years, SC Johnson scientists have worked to develop solutions that can help protect you and your home from pests. At the SC Johnson Institute of Insect Science for Family Health, scientists study all aspects of their behavior to help develop products for our brands like Raid®, OFF!®, Baygon® and Autan®, which can help keep bugs out of your home.

 Here are 10 helpful tips to keep pests out of your home…

1. Screen them out. If you don’t already have screens on all your windows and doors, install them to create a barrier between you and bugs. Repair any screens that are ripped or don’t fight tightly, to keep that barrier strong.

2. Block other entry points. Add weather stripping and door sweeps to make it harder for bugs to get in around your doors and windows. Also, caulk any cracks where bugs could enter your home from the outside.

3. Hunt for other gaps. Check the space around your vents, utility pipes and other openings from the outside that might not be properly sealed. Remember, insects can squeeze through tiny spaces!

4. Give your home some space. Tree limbs or shrubs that touch your house offer an easy bridge for pests. Rocks, compost piles or wood mulch that’s too close to your home can also offer a space to hide or breed. 

5. Keep it clean. Bugs are always looking for their next meal, so places where you eat or store food are especially tempting. Clean regularly, don’t leave food out or dirty dishes in the sink, and clean up food spills immediately.

6. Put your vacuum to work.
Clean your floor weekly and vacuum out anything that may have dropped under or between appliances. Watch for crumbs in corners of cabinets as well as along your baseboards. Vacuum upholstered furniture and under cushions.

7. Manage your trash. Empty your trash and recycling bins regularly and clean up any spills around the bins. That sticky residue can be a buffet for pests.

8. Avoid standing water. Water can be a breeding ground and a drinking fountain for many pests. Be sure to empty, cover or remove items in your yard that hold water – like pet water bowls, old tires or buckets. Mosquitoes can lay eggs in as little as a teaspoon of water! 

9. Control your clutter. Old boxes or stacks of newspaper in your home or garage can give pests a perfect place to hide and breed. Try to avoid clutter so critters have fewer places to hide.

10. Get help when you need it. Our website has lots of expert information to help identify and treat the pests that may sneak into your home. Check it out to learn how to make sure your home stays a place for family, not bugs. 
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Beyond being pests, insects can carry dangerous diseases. See how SC Johnson is helping families for a healthier world.