On National High Five Day, SC Johnson is teaming up with Save the Children — and YOU — to introduce #TheNextHighFive Challenge.
See Dusty Baker, the MLB manager who is widely credited with inventing the high-five, unveiling his version of the next high five; and encouraging others to do the same. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change the way we interact, we’re all looking for creative ways to connect, cope and care for each other.  #TheNextHighFive Challenge is a way to evolve the iconic high five into a non-contact celebration and show of appreciation for friends and family.

Where you come in
“#TheNextHighFive” challenge is simple: Work with your family to come up with a new way to shout out someone who is giving their all right now and post a short video or picture of your original creation on social media. Tag your favorite essential employees, friends, and family to pass it along. Use the #TheNextHighFive in your post. And don’t forget to make your post public to help educate more families on proper hygiene and other tools to help combat public health threats. 

Despite the immense challenge ahead, we know that there is so much to be proud of. Grocery store clerks, delivery workers, healthcare workers, single parents are stepping up to the plate for one another, and that deserves a high five (or a million). 

What’s next
Bring your creativity to life to help us work for a better world! Each time you show us #TheNextHighFive on social media, you’re supporting Save the Children and a movement toward better hygiene and a healthier world. We’ve been incredibly inspired by creativity across the globe and can’t wait to showcase our favorite high fives to nurture a safer world for future generations. #TheNextHighFive encourages families to follow all rules and minimum age requirements of social media platforms

We will feature some of the most fun, heartfelt and engaging non-contact high fives in a video that shows how we unite as a global community to stay safe from future health pandemics.

Learn More about the Save the Children partnership
Save the Children believes that every child has a future. The organization is devoted to educating families globally on hygiene practices needed to curb the spread of COVID-19, and we have a shared goal to raise safer and healthier children. Learn more about how SC Johnson is already working with Save the Children to support children’s emotional needs, address food insecurities and provide educational support during the pandemic. 

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