Five generations, one family. We understand family because we are family. These are the stories of the family that has led our company for more than 130 years. 

Fisk Johnson

H. Fisk Johnson Advocates for Higher Corporate Standards and Product Transparency
We should not worry about whether we have lived up to the expectations of our fathers, but whether we, as fathers, have lived up to the expectations of our children.

Sam Johnson

Sam Johnson with Carnauba Amphibian Plane

Gene Johnson

Sam Johnson and Imogene “Gene” Johnson
As a parent, an adviser, a volunteer and an advocate for education, Gene Johnson made the world – and SC Johnson – a better place. She was our surrogate mum and our greatest champion.

H.F. Johnson, Jr.

HF Johnson Jr. at SC Johnson

SC Johnson & Frank Lloyd Wright

The phrases “innovative architecture” and “office building” are rarely found together in the same sentence. At least they were not until H.F. Johnson, Jr., and Frank Lloyd Wright first met.

Herbert F. Johnson, Sr.

Herbert F. Johnson, Sr. standing in his white suit
Herbert F. Johnson, Sr. was the ultimate salesman and just what the company needed in its second generation. He knew how to expand the business, and even more important, how to maintain its heart.
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Samuel Curtis Johnson

Samuel Curtis Johnson playing chess
Samuel Curtis Johnson built a thriving business, a tradition of philanthropy and a family company devoted to making the world better. They are legacies we work to keep upholding to this day. 
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A Family Perspective

We approach decisions as if the consequences will be sitting down with us at the dinner table for years to come.
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