Smithsonian American History Museum in Washington D.C.

American Enterprise: Smithsonian Exhibition Supported by SC Johnson Offers Insights, Education for Future Innovators

SC Johnson supports Smithsonian Institution’s American Enterprise, a history of business in America.
“SC Johnson’s story symbolises the theme of ‘American Enterprise’ and we are proud of our role in American history.”— Fisk Johnson
Visit the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C., and get ready for innovation. The museum’s exhibition, American Enterprise chronicles the interaction of capitalism and democracy that has shaped the ongoing remaking of American business – and American life. 
We are proud to support this exhibition celebrating American companies, culture and innovation. As our Chairman and CEO Fisk Johnson explained, “My great-great-grandfather started making wax products with a bathtub full of floor wax and with a commitment to innovation and a passion for opportunity. SC Johnson’s story symbolises the theme of ‘American Enterprise’ and we are proud of our role in American history and our part in this exhibition.”
Opened at the Smithsonian in 2015, the exhibit is expected to run for 20 years. American Enterprise explores the role of business and innovation from the mid-1700s to the present. Through over 600 objects, images, activities and videos, it chronicles the unique stories of business men and women who have literally changed the world. 
TOP : SC Johnson is featured in the American Enterprise displays as an example of a family-led company.
BOTTOM : We have been a family company for five generations and over 130 years.
SC Johnson exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum
The exhibition offers visitors the chance to explore the merchant, corporate, consumer and global eras of U.S. business history. You can also learn about the inventors, entrepreneurs, marketers, regulators and others who brought America’s business success to life. Get set for drama, heritage and stories known and unknown. 
Along with sponsoring the exhibition, SC Johnson’s contribution to the Smithsonian helped create an opportunity for the future.

The museum’s new 3,300-square-foot SC Johnson Conference Centre serves as a venue for educational outreach. Scholars, teachers and students can actively discuss historical topics that are relevant today. This dynamic space also serves as the setting for major museum activities.
The SC Johnson Conference Centre at the Smithsonian
The SC Johnson Centre at Smithsonian brings learning to people around the world.
The state-of-the-art centre means the museum can broadcast nationally and internationally – reaching people around the world who are unable to visit the building in person. Museum educators and curators can engage directly with students and teachers on virtual “field trips.” 

We are excited to help bring these interactive experiences to classrooms around the globe. Who knows what future business innovators we may help inspire.
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