Building STEM Skills: SC Johnson Supports Education, Economic Development with Technical College Expansion

By supporting Gateway Technical College, SC Johnson corporate giving strengthens STEM learning and economic growth. 
Metal fabrication. Automated manufacturing systems. Industrial robotics. Students can try it all at the SC Johnson iMET center.
As a manufacturing company, we’re avid supporters of the development of STEM courses and programmes to build cutting-edge technical skills. That’s why over the years, we’ve made upwards of $3.5 million in company donations to Gateway Technical College in our headquarters hometown community.
SC Johnson’s charitable contributions help better prepare students at Gateway iMet Center
SC Johnson Chairman and CEO Fisk Johnson spoke at the iMET opening, championing the importance of education for the local economy.
We believe that by supporting STEM education with corporate philanthropy, we help not only our community, but our own future as well. Our business depends on the innovation of scientists, engineers and others. 
That’s why it was such a thrill in February 2013 to help celebrate the grand opening of the SC Johnson Integrated Manufacturing and Engineering Technology (iMET) Center at Gateway. 
The expanded iMET became the region’s first flexible manufacturing training centre, designed to keep our hometown community’s workforce at the leading edge of manufacturing skills development. 
Students can now learn skills like industrial design and rapid prototyping by getting hands-on experience with advanced manufacturing technology. iMET covers everything from high tech CNC machining to metal fabrication, industrial maintenance, robotics and welding.
Gateway brings much needed, well-prepared graduates to the local workforce, strengthening the overall quality of life and economy of the area.

Fisk Johnson, Chairman and CEO of SC Johnson

SC Johnson contributed $1.7 million to Gateway to support the iMET Center expansion and programming, which includes a high-impact, manufacturing-related “boot camp” programme. 

Our Chairman and CEO Fisk Johnson spoke at the grand opening and noted, “We are proud to support organisations like Gateway that are doing such good work within our community. Through their programming and hands-on learning approach, Gateway brings much needed, well-prepared graduates to the local workforce, strengthening the overall quality of life and economy of the area.”

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