For decades, SC Johnson has had a long legacy of taking action to protect the environment today and for future generations. 

Milestones in Environmental Leadership 

Renewable Wind Energy Powers SC Johnson
SC Johnson has been honoured numerous times for environmental responsibility, including receiving the World Environment Centre Gold Medal twice. 
Environmental protection is prioritised in all aspects of our business and we are always looking at ways to protect the Earth’s critical resources for generations to come.

The Fight Against Deforestation

For more than 15 years, SC Johnson and Conservation International have partnered on environmental sustainability initiatives.
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Biodiversity Conservation: SC Johnson Supports Caatinga Association in Brazil to Protect Forests, Ecosphere
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SC Johnson’s Renewable Energy Initiatives Around the World

Under the Canopy: A Virtual Reality Tour

Black-striped Capuchin monkey in Caatinga
SC Johnson and Conservation International bring the Amazon to life in an immersive 360-degree virtual reality film.
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SC Johnson Promotes Ways to Stop Deforestation
Living Our Purpose
1915 –
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Sustainability Research

SC Johnson funds research to understand sustainability trends and environmental perceptions
We have funded multiple studies over the years to understand environmental perceptions and behaviours.
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