Where Can I Buy SC Johnson's Concentrated, Compostable or Recycled Products?

Since 2011, SC Johnson has experimented with small-scale pilots of products designed to reduce waste. The goal has been to understand better how to encourage behavior changes like refilling cleaners and reducing plastic waste. 

Here's a look at where these programs stand today:
Scrubbing Bubbles 补充装
SC Johnson concentrated cleaner refills
SC Johnson concentrated cleaner refills: As of January 2019, these products are out of stock. But in keeping with our plastic commitment, we intend to continue expanding our variety of concentrated refill options. Look for them on Amazon.com in the future. 
Ziploc® brand recycled trash bags
Ziploc® brand recycled trash bags: As of January 2019, these are available for purchase at Amazon.com. They’re the first trash bags made with 100% post-consumer recycled plastic film, including Ziploc® bags, collected through a U.S. recycling center. 
庄臣 Ziploc 可堆肥塑料袋产品
Ziploc® brand compostable bags

Ziploc® brand compostable bags: As of January 2019, these products are out of stock. But we plan to bring them back to market this year. Look for them on Amazon.com. 

Find out more here about what we're doing to reduce plastic waste and encourage recycling.


有意义的产品Ziploc® 可堆肥塑料袋支持市政堆肥,减少填埋废物

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