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FAQs: Answers to Your Questions about SC Johnson and Getting in Touch

Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our company.

Questions about Getting in Touch

Please use our consumer support form.

Please call our media hotline at 1-262-260-2440 or use our media form.

Questions about Our Company

It means that SC Johnson has been led by the Johnson family for five generations. Fisk Johnson, our current Chairman and CEO, is the great-great-grandson of the company’s founder. Being a family company also means we hold tight to core values like integrity and trust. Being privately held enables us to focus on doing what’s right for the next generation, not just the next quarter’s earnings report. Learn more about our family story.

Yes. The company was founded in Racine in 1886 when Samuel Curtis Johnson bought the parquet flooring business from the Racine Hardware Company. Find out more about how the company got started.

Visit our Careers site to find out how you can Go Further With Our Family™. The site has a wide variety of information about what it’s like to work here and what jobs are available.

No. While we share a similar name, we are two completely different organizations and have never been affiliated or part of the same company. The Johnsons of SC Johnson are not related to the Johnsons of Johnson & Johnson. See more about who we are.

No. Diversey grew from a division of SC Johnson that, years ago, was focused on commercial cleaning products and systems. It separated from SC Johnson in 1999 and became a stand-alone company that was ultimately acquired by Sealed Air Corporation in 2011.

As a private, family company, we don’t offer publicly-held stock. Our private status enables us to focus on doing what’s right for the next generation, not just the next quarter’s earnings report. Learn more about how we work to do what’s right.

Questions about Our Products

We want to hear your thoughts, good or not-so-good. Please use our consumer support form.

SDS for our products can be found here.

Yes, and we have for nearly a decade. We launched our ingredient site WhatsInsideSCJohnson.com in 2009 and have continually enhanced it, adding fragrance transparency and allergen transparency as well as expanding the site globally to help more consumers. Find out more about our transparency commitment here.

To protect you and SC Johnson, we only explore product ideas that are already patented or have a patent pending. If that's the case for you, you can complete our Suggestion Agreement and Release form and submit it with a non-confidential copy of your patent or patent application. If you don't yet have a patent underway, please get back in touch with us when you do.

Questions about Visiting SC Johnson

We’re in Racine, Wisconsin, about 60 miles north of Chicago. We are on the Frank Lloyd Wright Trail, which was established in 2016 to connect many of Wright’s architectural sites and make it easier for tourists to experience Wright’s legacy, including our headquarters.

No, all public tours at SC Johnson are free. Reservations can be made by clicking here.

Questions about Our Sustainability and Philanthropy

In 2001, we created our patented Greenlist™ program to help our scientists continually improve our products by choosing ingredients that better protect human health and the environment. Learn about the Greenlist™ program here.

Since 2000, we have reduced our greenhouse gas emissions from SC Johnson manufacturing sites by 55 percent. We now source a third of our global energy use from renewable sources. Learn more about how we’re minimizing our footprint.

Since 1937, the company has given 5 percent of all pretax profits to charities. What’s more, for nearly 60 years, our charitable foundation, SC Johnson Giving, Inc. has been supporting the communities in which we operate. Learn more.

To apply for a grant from SC Johnson in the United States, organizations must be a registered, qualified tax-exempt, section 501(c)(3) charity based in the United States, or a government entity such as a school, library or public agency. Learn more.

Contact the SC Johnson operation in your community to find out about their local giving.

Northern Europe GivingUK@scj.com

Southern Europe GivingITA@scj.com

Western Europe GivingFRA@scj.com

Central Europe GivingDEU@scj.com

ASEAN GivingASEAN@scj.com

China, Hong Kong & Taiwan GivingCHN@scj.com

Australia & New Zealand GivingANZ@scj.com

Japan & Korea GivingJPN@scj.com

Argentina & Paraguay GivingARG@scj.com

Uruguay & Chile GivingARG@scj.com

Brazil GivingBRA@scj.com

Mexico GivingMEX@scj.com

Costa Rica & Columbia GivingMEX@scj.com

Ecuador & Panama GivingMEX@scj.com

Guatemala GivingMEX@scj.com

Honduras, Nicaragua & Bolivia GivingMEX@scj.com

El Salvador & Peru GivingMEX@scj.com

South Africa GivingZAF@scj.com

Russia GivingRUS@scj.com

Canada Caenrich@scj.com - Grant Request Form - Product Donation Request Form

For Consumers: Have questions or comments on our products? We'd love to hear from you.

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