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SC Johnson Brands Are Creating A Better World Though Innovative Sustainable Products

At SC Johnson, we have been working for generations to continually improve our products while reducing their impact on the planet. As we keep innovating to support a more sustainable world, here are some of our latest product which are making a positive impact for a better world…

Glade® PlugIns® Scented Oil PLUS

Our newest scented oil warmer is the only smart warmer designed with a “rest” mode that lets users save energy and scented oil when not needed. It is also the most energy efficient warmer.*


Scrubbing Bubbles® Recycled Bottles

Through a partnership with the Milwaukee Brewers, and another newly announced partnership with the Milwaukee Bucks, some Scrubbing Bubbles® bottles will soon be made from recycled plastic drink cups collected at the teams' stadiums. 

Mrs. Meyer’s® Scented Wood Bead Diffuser. 

This new fragrance diffuser uses repurposed wood beads infused with essential oils to release garden-inspired scents. Plus, it comes in a recyclable outer pack.

Ziploc® Paper Sandwich Bags. 

In 2020, our Ziploc® brand introduced this easily recyclable option for taking food on the go. The bags are made from unwaxed paper, making them recyclable, and come with resealable stickers making it easy to open and re-close the bags.

Windex® and Mr Muscle® 100% Recycled Ocean-Plastic Bottles

These bottles are made from plastic that was picked up near beaches and waterways to stop it from ending up in the ocean. Through our partnership with Plastic Bank, the plastic gets recycled and incorporated into our packaging, while providing income and opportunity for plastic collectors.

Mosquito Coils

Mosquito coils from our Raid®, Baygon® and other brands are made using repurposed materials like sawdust and coconut shells that are byproducts of other industries. By choosing not to use virgin wood for our coils, we avoid contributing to deforestation.

Here is something else to know: Since 2001, the SC Johnson Greenlist™ ingredient selection programme has helped us choose ingredients that meet rigorous standards for health and environmental impact. Our standards are often higher than those required by governments or our competitors, and our website makes our fragrance and ingredient choices transparent

Making better products, with more transparency, is just another way we are at work for a better world.