Racine-Area Homeless Veterans to Benefit from SC Johnson Support

The Family Company’s Donation to Aid in Construction of the SC Johnson Community Center for Homeless Veterans

SC Johnson donates $25,000 to Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin for Racine community center.
"...honoring our veterans’ service has been part of SC Johnson’s family company heritage for many years."

RACINE, Wis., October 24, 2016 – SC Johnson, the maker of trusted household products like Glade®, Raid®, Pledge® and OFF!®, today announced that the family company donated $25,000 to Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin. The money will be used to help construct the SC Johnson Community Center that will serve as a key part of the new James A. Peterson Veteran Village which will be located at 1624 Yout Street in Racine.

“Respect for the military and honoring our veterans’ service has been part of SC Johnson’s family company heritage for many years,” said Kelly M. Semrau, Senior Vice President - Global Corporate Affairs, Communication and Sustainability at SC Johnson. “We’re proud to be part of an effort that will help lead veterans to a path to self-sustainability.”

The SC Johnson Community Center will have a full kitchen, bathrooms, showers and laundry facilities. Space will be available for job-skills coaching, employment searches and financial workshops. There will also be meeting space for support groups aiding homeless veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and alcohol and drug abuse-related illnesses. The Veteran Village will house 15 homeless veterans at a time in detached living units in a safe and secure environment.

Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin is a nonprofit organization formed in December 2013 to help fill service gaps available to homeless veterans. The group supplies home furnishings to formerly homeless veterans, has a food pantry for homeless and at-risk veterans and provides seasonally appropriate clothes, including work and interview clothing, to veterans in an environment of respect, honor and dignity.

SC Johnson has provided more than $247 million in philanthropic support around the world over the last 10 years. Areas of giving include: community & economic development; education; environment & sustainability; social services; health & wellness and art; culture & the humanities.